Useful contacts

Angela from the advice hub.

Your main point of contact should always be Christy, but there's a few more useful contacts that it's good to know in case you need to reach out to them:

Full time Officers (FTOs):

Scott Anderson | Vice president Community | Contact Information and about

Sanjit J K | President | Contact Information and about

The other FTOs can be found here.

Adam Dewar | Student Engagement Assistant | - For Zoom bookings and any queries about recurring/normal events or anything on the website, or if you want to reach out about anything else society related.

Bruce Wilson | Societies MP | - Represents the societies at the student parliment.

Advice Hub | More information | Life isn’t always plain sailing. That’s why the Advice Hub exists. Ask them about anything, uni related or otherwise!

The rest of the Union Staff can be found here. We'd encourage you to reach out to the appropriate person above before contacting another member of union staff, but we're always happy to help out!