Room Booking

Room booking is avaliable again! You can book out Student Union meeting rooms here, these have capacity up to 15.


If you'd like to book Liberties or Zeros, please check the avaliability here and then email Andy to enquire more (if you want to book Zeros you'll need to fill out the Zeros Booking Form).


Make sure you've completed a risk assesment for your event.


Booking rooms in the main university building

Some University spaces are avaliable under specific conditions.

For university room bookings, societies should follow the following process:


  • The society is also responsible for ensuring that the capacity of the room booked is not exceeded

  • All forms should be submitted to from an official HWU society email account.

  • All booking requests should be submitted at least 2 working days in advance of your event.

  • If you are planning an event which would require bespoke set-up or AV equipment, catering and particularly if external delegates are attending, make sure to contact BEFORE completing the forms in order for them to review and assist with the approval of your booking.

  • Booking the Bridge Link remains unavailable.

  • The society is responsible for ensuring that all Covid-19 Protocols are followed and that a list of all attendees is retained.

  • Face covering guidance must be followed at all times in the university buildings.

  • Please make sure to read the university room booking rules.


If you want more info on this, or are having problems please contact Shana