Room Booking

Booking rooms at the Student Union

You can book out Student Union meeting rooms here. Please note, your booking is not confirmed until you have recieved a booking confirmation email.

If you'd like to book Liberties or Zeros, please speak to the Welcome Team at the Student Union building, who can provide a form to you. These facilities are usually free to societies, however, depending upon your event, there may be some additional charges for extras like: 

  • Deposit for Opening the Bar (if the bar makes more than £100, your deposit is returned)
  • Having our Security Staff Present
  • Use of the Events Crew

Make sure you've completed a risk assesment for your event.

Booking rooms at The Scottish Borders Campus

If you'd like to book out The Thread, please contact 

Booking rooms in the main university building

If you would like to book a room or table on the link bridge, drop an email with the following information:

Bridge Link Bookings

  • Society Name
  • Name and contact mobile number for the member of the society responsible for the booking on the day (This will be shared with our Safeguarding and Reception teams in case of emergency)
  • Date/Time the stand is required to and from (including time to set-up and de-set)
  • Activity Planned (A brief description of the purpose of the booking, e.g. Bake Sale or Promotion of the Society)
  • Details of any food you would like to provide.

Terms and Conditions for stands:

  • Tables are not available to book until Week 2 of Semester
  • There is a maximum of 4 stands per day Mon - Fri
  • Each stand will be provided with 1 x 5ft table, if additional tables are required this must be advised on the booking request. Stands must not intrude more than 1.4m from the windows. Any stand that causes a blockage may be required to move, reduced in size or be removed
  • Food can only be provided and/or sold on the Bridge Link with pre-approval from Hospitality Services. Items you would like to provide must be detailed on the booking form
  • It is not possible to provide hot food or hot/cold drinks on the Bridge Link
  • There is a maximum of 1 Bake Sale booking per day and a maximum of 2 per week
  • During peak periods Societies may be limited to 2 bookings per week
  • Posters must not be affixed with Sellotape
  • Permission is not guaranteed
  • You are obligated to notify Hospitality Services ( of any damage to equipment, fabric or furniture and accidents within 24hrs. Subject to investigation, charges may be applied to repair, replace or specially clean
  • The University and/or Student Union reserves the right to refuse a booking if the aims of those requesting the booking are considered to be in conflict with, or in violation of University Policies or Values.