Discover new and upcoming societies with our Members Wanted page. This is the place for prospective societies to advertise themselves and get on your radar. If you've got an idea for a society and want to appear on this page, drop Adam a message and take a look at our Set Up a Society page! These societies might also be short a committee member or two, so if you're interested in becoming a society leader, this might be a perfect opportunity!


Jump start a Society

Sometimes a society that has existed in previous years doesn't continue on into the new year for whatever reason, often because the people who run it graduate. This means that sometimes a society is ready to go, but missing a crucial part of what's needed to make it tick, that could be you! With our jump start a society programme, you can become a society leader and pick up where the society left off! If you're interested in adopting any of the societies listed below, please contact Adam for more information! Otherwise, if you'd be interested in joining any of the societies below, please sign up to them so we know which have the highest level of interest and where we can offer the most support!