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Scott Anderson

Vice President (Community)

Hi there, I’m Scott and I’m the incoming Vice President Community. I am looking forward to the year ahead. I’m excited to meet everyone in person but in the meantime don’t hesitate to email me at Union.vpcommunity@hw.ac.uk

What do I do?

As VP Community, I'm the lead on sustainability work as well as campaigning and representing students on issues affecting their lives such as housing and transport.

I chair both the Student Life Group & Societies Council, working to ensure students have the resources to both enhance life outside lectures and to improve and grow our Societies. I'm also a Member of Parliament alongside the 2 Members of Parliament from Student Life Group & Societies Council and help drive positive change brought forward by its members.

In this role, I help organising not-for-profit events & activities run by the Union. I work closely with the Activities Co-ordinator to make sure students have a wide variety of volunteering options open to them and help to focus the Union's charitable efforts for the year.

I'm also nominated to attend various University committees.

Tell Us About Yourself

I have worked at the Union for four years as a manager of the catering outlets. I have also held several elected positions: SOSS MP, NUS National Delegate

I stood for Vice President Community as I am passionate about student representation and tackling the real issues that are affecting the student experience.


My three key goals this year are...

  • Rebuilding communities in a post covid environment.
  • Implementing a broader, more committed sustainability approach to the Student Union.
  • Campaign for more student tailored tools to combat the cost of living crisis.

What are you most looking forward to

I love working with students. So, I am most looking forward to hosting events and campaigns which will benefit them!


I actually sleepwalk!


I graduated in Accounting and Finance

Let's Chat...

If you want to chat about my role, or something you think we should be looking at, then here's how you can find me:

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