Student Union Annual General Meeting

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What is an AGM?

An Annual General Meeting isn't something scary that's only for big businesses, CEOs, and shareholders! In its simplest terms, it's a yearly meeting the Union holds where we share with you, our member, how the Union as an organisation is performing. It is also a forum for you ask us to address things that you believe the Union should deem important and focus our efforts in addressing.

What is being discussed?

By clicking here, you can view the Meetings Agenda.

There are a couple of things we always discuss at our Annual General Meeting:


We will also be discussing the updated Articles of Association

Read why we are reviewing the Articles here


Motions to be discussed:

Motions will be added as they are received.

Policy due to lapse and/or update required :

These can be found in the agenda document above.

Who can attend?

All Heriot-Watt students are eligible to attend and have their say.

Register in advance for the AGM. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


We are hosting the AGM in person at the Student Union building on the Edinburgh Campus.

The AGM starts at 6pm, however we encourage all attendees to arrive 15/20 minutes prior so that there is enough time to get ready. Students will be asked to present their Student ID on entry.

Submitting a Motion

If you feel passionate about an issue you feel we should be working to address, you can submit a motion to be discussed at the AGM. Here's help on writing a motion but if you need more help or want to discuss anything first, get in touch!

Be sure to submit a motion before midnight, Wednesday 8th February either by email to Darrin Nightingale, CEO (

Motion Amendments

To make an amendment to a motion, please email no later than 5pm, Monday 13th February.

Why does an AGM matter?

It gives our members (you!) the chance to ask us about what we've been doing over the past year. Cause we've been busy making your student life better and not twiddling our thumbs so we'd love to answer your questions. It also gives you the opportunity to raise any issues you think that we should be dealing with.