Handing over your society

When you move on from your society it can leave a big hole in knowledge and experience which can make running the society harder, especially if lots of committee members are changing at once. To ensure that the society keeps running smoothly, it's worth chatting with the new committee members and giving them some insight into how the society has been run and any big events they might want to run that might need a bit more planning through the year, we've made a handy document which contains some talking points and tick lists to make sure that your society handover is a smooth as possible, so make sure to fill it out and share it with the new committee!

Download the handover document here!

If you have any feedback, or if there's anything you think is missing from the handover document, such as support or info you think would have been beneficial to you when you first starting running your society, please let Adam (a.dewar@hw.ac.uk) know!