Logging your volunteering

You can log your volunteering here.


It's easy and quick to log your hours and skills, plus it goes on your academic transcript once you've done 50 hours of volunteering and got 5 employability skills! That sounds like a lot but it soons adds up if you make sure you're logging them. We also host our annual volunteer awards where we recognise our volunteers, but we can't do that if we don't know what you're doing!

You can log your volunteering here. Here's a handy video guide if you've not logged hours before, or you need a little reminder.

Handy tip: save the link on your phone so you can log your volunteering at any events you're at.

Malaysian Society 


The first time you go to the webpage you'll have to set up a profile which outlines any positions you might hold at the union, university, or elsewhere that can count towards your volunteering time.

Next you'll need to scroll down and select the "log hours" options, fill in a quick summary of what you did and how long you spent doing it... and that's it!

Make sure you also log your "skills" section as well, this is very easy to do and you need at least 5 skills for your hours to be put on your academic transcript.

It's super easy to do so make sure you keep on top of it by adding to the website every time you volunteer your time!

What can I log as volunteering?

Any time you spend doing admin, organising events, doing social media, recruiting new members, running sessions, attending training, and more, can be logged. One notable exception is that you can't log time spent at a social, but you can log any time you spend planning for it! If you're still not sure about what you can log, please get in touch with Christy.

Photography Society


As you log more hours and skills we'll recognise your contribution with different award levels:

  • Bronze Award - 50 hours and 5 employability skills
  • Silver Award - 100 hours and 5 employability skills
  • Gold Award - 200 hours and 6 employability skills
  • Platinum Award - 300 hours and 6 employability skills
  • Ruby Award - 400 hours and 7 employability skills
  • Diamond Award - 500 hours and 7 employability skills

Please note that skills must be logged in different categories to count towards the award!

It may seem like a lot but you'd be surprised how many hours you can get logged over your time at uni, especially if you make sure you log your hours 

Top tip: Make sure to save the hours log page on your phone, so you can quickly and log any hours when you do them!