For your society to run you'll need people to run it! We don't want to complicate things, so for your society, you need:

  • President - The president looks after the society and makes the big decisions.
  • Treasurer - The treasurer is responsible for the society's finances including budgeting, membership fees and funding.
  • One other Committee Member - This person can hold any other role on the society committee. This is your choice and reflects what your society needs. Examples are: Vice-President, Social Secretary, Secretary, or Publicity Officer.

You're welcome to have more people on your committee than these, this is just our minimum requirement.



If one of your society officers decides to leave, that's okay - life happens! Here’s what you should do:

  • Hold an EGM: This is like your AGM at the end of the year to elect your new committee, but one to just elect someone new to the position you're missing. So you don't need to vote on a president if only your treasurer has left for example. Also, if there's something else you want society members to vote on (e.g. a new position, a new way of doing something), now's the time to do it. Same rules as an AGM apply though - make sure to give folk at least 7 days written notice of the meeting, and any student member of the society is allowed to run for a position and vote. For more information on EGMs click here.


  • Fill in an Officer Change Form: It's a fairly straightforward form to tell us who your new society officers are. The form is here, please follow the instructions and let Christy know. This is just for officer changes during the year, not the yearly officer handover (aka reaffiliation, click here for more information on reaffiliation).

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