Using your societies email account

Each society has an official email address which is useful for getting in touch with members, touching base with union staff, plus getting in contact with people outside of the uni.

Having a society email is super useful but it's important to remember that anything you send from this email address is linked back to your society and the Student Union. You don't want to put your society or the Student Union in a bad light, so please follow these principles when you're using your society email account:

  • Remain professional - Whilst you can obviously be a bit more relaxed with your members, it's still important to remember that everyone comes from different backgrounds and might be offended by different things, this is especially important when dealing with sensitive issues or external parties such as guest speakers, university staff etc.
  • Avoid profanity - Try not to swear in any of your society communications, especially when talking with anyone outside of your membership.
  • Use common sense - Would you be embarrassed if the email was shown to your Gran? Probably best not to send it. Just make sure that you use the email service responsibly and sensibly so that you avoid any trouble for you, your society and its members, and the Union.


Emailing your members

You can easily email your members through the union website, more info on that can be found here.

Accessing your mailbox

If you're wanting to access your society email to contact people other than your members, you need to head to -> log on to your normal student email -> click your initials/picture in the top right -> Open another mailbox, and enter the society email you'd like to access. All committee members should be able to access this mailbox.

If you didn't get an email address when your society was formed, or you can't access the mailbox, please let Christy know.

On Mobile

You can also access your society email on your phone, and you'll recieve notifications when the society recieves an email. The easiest way to do this is via the outlook app. You can add a mailbox by pressing the home button in the top left corner, and then the mail sign with a plus on, at the bottom of the list:

Once you've added your student email via the "Add an account" option, you can repeat this process but this time selecting "Add a shared mailbox" and entering the full email address of the society account you'd like to add.

Please note, you must be logged into your student account in order to access the shared mailbox for your society. If you are asked to enter a password for your society account, you have selected the wrong option, please make sure you're selecting "Add a shared mailbox".