There’s no point in running a society if no one joins! Here’s how you can raise your profile on campus, and how we can help!

How you can advertise your society

  • Social media: Ask Christy if you can be featured on the Union's social media! Write a catchy post, provide some images and make sure your website page is up to date. If you are making a facebook post for a specific event add Heriot-Watt University Student Union (@HWUnion) as a cohost so that your event can be seen by more people. Make sure to tag @hwunion or @hwunionsbc on Insta to get featured in our stories too!


  • The Union Website - We can pull your events through to the front page of the Union's website in the "What's on next?" section, which can give your events a real boost. Simply create an event on the website, and that's it! If you want a recurring event like your weekly meetings, to show up on the website we can also do that! Complete this quick form and we can get it sorted for you. Putting your recurring events up can give your society a real boost and drive up your membership numbers so we'd highly recommend it. We've made a quick guide to listing an event on the website so check it out!


  • Stalls: If you’re having a bake sale, a demonstration or just want to let students chat to you, you can book a stall space on the Bridge Link between the Main Reception and the Hugh Nisbet Building. To reserve your space, contact and request a table and chairs and/or noticeboard as needed.



Top Tip:

If you want to create flashy graphics for social media and advertising super easily, Canva is a great FREE tool that can help you! We have more information about Canva here.



The Languages Society hosting a bake sale on the Link Bridge.

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