Student Parliament at Heriot-Watt

What is Parliament?

Student Parliament is the Student Union’s primary democratic decision-making group. Made up of 24 democratically elected Members of Parliament, this group meets 3 times per semester to discuss issues raised along with possible solutions.   

What does Parliament do?

The main purpose of Parliament is to hear issues that are raised and discuss possible solutions. This could be tasking an FTO to raise the matter in a committee they sit on, creating a Short Life Working Group to focus on a particular project or passing a policy proposal to take a particular stance. During Parliament meetings, the Full Time Officers are also held to account for the work they’ve focused on since the last Parliament.

How do I feed into Parliament?

There are several ways to feed into Student Parliament. This can be done through speaking to any of the Full Time Officers or Members of Parliament. You can also get involved in any of the groups that feed into Student Parliament, such as Student Life & Wellbeing, EDI or Galashiels. This can result in them raising the issue at Parliament for you, or you being invited to Parliament to speak on the matter yourself.

There are also regular opportunities to give feedback, such as the Ideas Café held every month.

How do I get elected to Parliament?

The main way to get elected to Student Parliament is through the Student Union Elections held in March. During these you can put yourself forward for a number of different roles, from Full Time Officer, School MP or Student MP.

You can also get involved in the Student Life & Wellbeing Group or the EDI group and put yourself forward for one of the MPs with specific remits.

If you’re a student at Galashiels, you could also get involved in the Galashiels Group and run to be the Galashiels MP




You can find out your members of parliament here