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Heriot-Watt University Student Union Give It A Go: Student Life Group
25th January 5:30pm - 6:30pm
New Year New You! Come join the student life group and see what opportunities you can help bring to students.
Watt Esports and Video Games Society Valorant Team Tryouts
25th January 7pm - 10pm
Tryouts for our competitive and casual valorant teams
Careers Service Volunteer Skills Workshop: Identifying Volunteering Skills (AM)
26th January 10am - 10:45am
Join the Student Union and Careers Service to explore skills you've gained through your experience as a volunteer e.g. Class Rep, Society Leader, Freshers Rep and learn how to use these to your advantage.
Wellbeing Services Planning for Success
26th January 11am - noon
This event will allow you to hear about the support available at the University, reflect on your university experience so far, and what steps you can take to make both semester one, and the rest of your time at the University more enjoyable.

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