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Chaplaincy Tuesday Soup Lunch
25th January 12:30pm - 2pm
Join us at the Chaplaincy for a Soup Lunch!
Wellbeing Services Planning for Success
25th January 4pm - 5pm
MS Teams
Here's how to set yourself up for a successful semester!
Chess Society Tactics Tuesday
25th January 4pm - 5pm
Join us on our discord server for our weekly puzzles! Each week we post three chess puzzles that increase in difficulty as you work through them, so whatever your level, you should learn something!
Languages Society Languages Café - Big Burns Bash!
25th January 8pm - midnight
Innis and Gunn - Lothian Road
The Languages Society is back and better than ever for Semester 2 - what better way to kick off the semester than a Languages Café to celebrate *the* scottish icon, Rorbert Burns? Come dressed in some Scottish attire - and bring your pipes!

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Out Now: Unlike Any Other

Listen to tracks that don't hold back from artists that are unlike any other.

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District 9

Great metaphor for Apartheid (interviews at the start are with survivors of Apartheid state)

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Learn how to knit

Fancy learning to knit?

Be Creative


Solange has 2.5m monthly listeners

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