One way to raise money is to charge a small membership fee e.g. £3, or to charge on a per event basis. For bigger costs, you’ll need to do some fundraising – how about a bake sale or a sponsored challenge?

Another way to bring in some money, or to make your funds go a bit further is to get a sponsorship.


Societies Development Fund

All affiliated societies are welcome to apply for funding from our ‘Societies Development Fund’. This is a fund specifically for societies to use and has an annual budget that we try to distribute as fairly as possible between societies. Any bid received is looked at - if it's under £300, the Activities Coordinator and VP Community discuss the application. If it's £300+ it's discussed and voted on by society representatives at our monthly Societies Council meetings. Have a look at what the fund will and won't cover below. You'll also need a society bank account before you can apply for funding.

This fund is generously supported by the Heriot-Watt University Annual Fund.

The societies development fund for 2022/2023 is open, apply here! If you have any questions please contact Christy.

We will also ask you for an accounting sheet (unless you're a new society) so please complete this template one.

Polo society, who've previously recieved some funding to help with the cost of lessons/equiptment.

What Can I get funding for?

All funding must be in line with your society's aims and want to further your society's activities and engagement with current or prospective society members.

Money can be spent on:

  • Equipment - e.g. chess boards, a projector screen, cups and plates
  • Speakers/Guests - paying for someone to speak or perform at an event
  • Accommodation - helping you or guests stay overnight at an event
  • Transport - getting you or guests to/from an event
  • Marketing/Publicity - e.g. printing, banners, website domains
  • Insurance – safety first

Money cannot be spent on:

  • Alcohol^
  • Personal Clothing
  • Socials
  • Food and Drink^
  • Anything else deemed inappropriate by the Union*

^Unless it is necessary for the aims of your society, e.g the Brewing Society

*We reserve the right to withhold funding for activities not in keeping with the aims and values of the Union.

If you have any questions about what you can get funding for, please contact Christy.


Annual Fund

You may also be able to apply to the annual fund directly, when it's open, for bigger projects, please get in touch with Christy for more info. The Annual Fund is open for short periods throughout the year and offers scope to try more ambitious projects, particularly those that increase the reputation, sustainabliity and/or student experience of Heriot-Watt.