Let's look at getting involved with the Student Union. There are LOADS of ways you can play a part in what we do and how we work. Here are some of the key student involvement areas below...

Student Groups

We have various Student Groups that meet during the semester to discuss things within that remit. Some groups you need to have another role within the Student Union to attend (e.g., Class Rep, or Society Committee Member), other groups are open to anyone who has an interest. The best bit, is you can attend as and when you like to share your opinions, put forward ideas or even take on project from the group and help make them happen!

Click the link for more info, and to join our mailing lists to be updated on when these groups are next meeting.

Find out more about Student Groups

Academic Reps

We have a few groupings of Academic Reps. They work on the education side of what we do - helping to make sure courses are great!

You can put yourself forward as your Class Rep / PGT Rep for an academic year at the start of the year. Just listen out for announcements. The selected student will receive full training from us so no experience is necessary!

Department Officers are selected at the end of an academic year, for the following year and involves an application form and interview.

Find out more about Academic Reps


We have over 60 societies which are groups of students that share a common interest. There are a couple of ways you can get involved with societies...

Committee Members help to organise the society and its activities. Committees are usually elected at the society AGM towards the end of each academic year. If you're interested, then make sure you put yourself forward (you'll need to be a member of the society to be able to do so).

Society Members are students who have joined the society - and membership is open to everyone. Take a look at our Societies list to see which ones are available - and then just click to join!

Already run a society?

Check our handy toolkit which helps you with the day to day running of your society, with guides on everything from advertising to zoom calls!

Want to start a new society?

We have a guide here for how to set up your own society.

Student Parliament

Student Parliament looks after the policy setting of the Student Union and meets a couple of times per semester. Most of the Members of Parliament (MP) are elected as part of our annual Student Elections in March each year. When elections are coming, you won't be able to miss them! You need to nominate yourself for an MP position that appeals to you, and then be voted in. Some MP positions are selected by the Student Group that the position is a part of.

Find out more about Student Parliament Positions


We have a range of volunteering opportunities for you, both within the Student Union and with selected external partners (like the University). Check out our volunteering section for more info.

You can also record the hours you spend volunteering to work towards our Volunteering Hours Awards. The award you get is included on your University transcript as evidence you completed those hours of volunteering to future employers.

Student Staff

We have roles ranging from working in our Bar / Cafe / Shop / Reception to project-based paid internships when they are available.

Visit our Jobs section to see what roles are available at the moment. Unfortunately we don't accept applications when vacancies aren't open - so keep checking back regularly or follow us on social media to find out when we're hiring! 


We often ask for input from students on things we're working on. We'll send out surveys through email / social media so keep an eye out for them and fill them in!

For example we run our Big Ask student satisfaction survey yearly - to really find out how we're doing in your eyes. We appreciate every single response (and there's a chance of winning prizes too!).

Surveys might seem dull, but they help us enormously - so if you see one, please fill it in!

Get in Touch

If you think there is something we, or the Uni, could be doing better or differently. Use any of our contact options to get in touch - and we'll put you through to the best person to chat it through with you.

Who knows, you could bring big and better changes about.

And that's all folks! Feel free to look around our websites to find more infomration or what events we are hosting.