If you have a unique interest and have spotted a niche opportunity, setting up your own society is easy.

1. Find nine more people who are just as interested in your society as you are. Ask your friends, your neighbours and your friends’ neighbours. Drop our Activities Coordinator Polly Glynn an email to register your interest. We can advertise your society in our Members Wanted section if you need help finding those nine.

2. Once you've found your folks, email Polly to access your affiliation form, then pop to the Student Union to organise your first meeting.

3. Hold that meeting and have an informal election to vote in your Executive (the people who will run your society). We only require you to have a Treasurer; the rest of the positions are up to you. Fill in those affiliation forms as well and get them back to Polly.

4. Once they're complete, the form will be discussed by Societies Council (our monthly societies meeting) where you can pitch your society and answer any questions. The council then votes to approve the society.

5. If the society has been approved, we'll check through your forms and confirm your society is now part of the Student Union.

6. The final step is to set up a bank account for your society. Polly can help you with this and with any of the above stages. Your society is now up and running!

What are you waiting for?