Society Bucket List

We've put together a bucket list to help you on your journey as a society leader and to help recognise the great work you and your society are doing.

They're in no particular order and there's plenty of things to tick off, so get cracking today! We'll also give you a shiny badge on your society profile page at each milestone to show members (and potential members) that you've been working hard on running your society and you'll get a certificate at the Volunteer Awards.

Check out the bucket list here!

For the sake of the environment we'd ask that you please don't print it out, instead, please fill in the digital version, thank you!


Make sure to fill it in through the year, once you're done please submit your completed (or semi-completed) bucket list here.


For ticking off 15 challenges you'll get a Bronze badge, it's 20 for Silver, and 25 for Gold!

Don't forget to log the time you spend volunteering as you work on the bucket list and the tasks inside it!

If you want any more information please get in touch with Shana.