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The Union has five rooms which can be used. These rooms are good for meetings and small gatherings.

We have updated the capacities for our rooms, to enable social distancing to be maintained within them - sorry if that limits the number of people you can have attending your activity - but we want to keep everyone safe!

Room 1

This room is located to the right of the Union's reception with views looking out to the grass space outside. It's our largest room available, and is great for larger group meetings or for other activities.

The room can hold up to 15 people either seated or standing.

Room 2

This is a new room to our suite, and is located downstairs in the back corner of the Student Union building. It's ideal for smaller meetings with up to 6 people and has big windows letting in lots of natural light.

The room can hold up to 6 people seated.

Room 5

This room is upstairs on the right-hand side and features a small table and chairs, as well as a couple of sofas - ideal for informal discussions with a couple of people.

The room can hold up to 4 people seated.

Room 6

This room is upstairs on the left-hand side and features lower, comfy seating and a sofa making it perfect for informal conversations or Zoom calls.

The room can hold up to 4 people seated.

Room 7

This is our second largest room, and is located upstairs. It has some large tables with chairs, which can also be pushed to the side to leave a clear floor space.

The room can hold up to 8 people.

ROOMS 3 & 4

Wondering where rooms 3 and 4 are? Unfortunately they're no longer available to book, but as you can see we have plenty of other spaces for you!

How can I book a Room?

If you are a HW student or a society you can book any of these rooms through our online portal - just click the button below to get started.

Launch Online Room Booker

Please note that if you're not a Society or Student of the University, you will not be able to use eBooker to book a Committee Room - please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

...we'll see you soon!

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