What is polo? Polo is a equine team sport. It is played on polo ponies and includes riding whilst hitting the ball with your mallet. The mallet’s size depends on your ponies height. The way to score is easy, just hit the ball into the goal. This might be easier said than done, but polo is easy to pick up!

Our Polo club welcomes everyone of all abilities, from beginner (no riding experience) to advanced. We run taster sessions all year round for our new members and lessons for our current members. We are a small, but growing society. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for everyone to try something different and new, and perhaps pick up a new hobby!

We train weekly in South Queensferry at Stewarton Polo Club. All trainers as well as ponies are extremely friendly and kind!

If you would like to join our society, or first try it out, send us a message on facebook, instagram or email us! 


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We also ask to collect your mobile number, date of birth, emergency contacts and medical conditions/allergies to ensure your safety during training.

As a member of the Heriot-Watt Polo Club, we share your data with Stewarton Polo Club to book you in for lessons and chukkas.

Supporter:        Stewarton Polo Club
Purpose:           Training Facility
Address:           Stewarton Polo Club, Westfield Farm, South Queensferry, EH52 6QU
Data Shared:     Name, Riding Ability