Ailie and Angela's Advice for Freshers

It’s possible that the prospect of starting uni in a few days is starting to stress you out a bit! Here at the Student Union, we have Ailie and Angela, our wonderful Student Advisors, who are here to help make sure that things run smoothly.

What to Bring

Freshers is fast approaching! It might be a little premature to start packing your bags now but it's definitely time to start giving it a thought.

Finding Your People

One of the great things about university is the sheer number of people you’ll meet and the friends you’ll make. In the beginning, you’ll be telling people your name, what your course is, and where you’re from over a thousand times, but it’s a great way to break the ice.

Being Away from Home

For most of you, this will probably be the first time you’ve ever been away from home. Nobody to nag you, ask where you’re going or wait up for you... It also means that there’s nobody to tidy up after you, cook for you or nurse you when you’re sick.

Burger Battle!

3 weeks, six burgers, one vote!

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