Queer Erasure in History

Ever heard phrases like “LGBT+ is a new thing” or “back in my day, there weren’t as many gay people around”? This perception obviously is not reflective of reality, but it’s also not completely wrong.

Long-Term Learning vs. Last-Minute Cramming
Person studying at a computer, writing notes in a notepad. Text reads "Long-term learning vs last-mi

Have you ever wondered what the key differences between long-term learning and last-minute cramming are? Looking to change up the way you approach your learning within Semester 2? If so, a brief outline is provided below for your benefit.


This instalment of our Body Positivity series covers includes discussion of disordered eating. We've included links to resrouces if you find yourself in any way affected by the theme discussed.


This instalment of our Body Positivity series is written by Annie Robinson.

Body Positivity and surviving violence

Today's post comes from a student who found the ability to love themselves after experiencing trauma.

TW: Gender-Based Violence, disordered eating

Body Positivity as a Pole Dancer

Body Positivity comes in all shapes and forms! Today's contribution is from the perspective of a pole dancer!

Body Positivity in the face of depression

Body Positivity in the face of depression [TW: eating disorder, self-harm, mental illnesses]

Exam Tips
A person sits at their laptop taking notes on a notebook. Headphones, a calculator and a magnifying

With the exam diet approaching, we thought it would be helpful to share some of our top tips for studying to make sure you succeed in your assessments.

The Scot Gov Hate Crime Bill Part 2
Trans flag is shown, text overlaid reads "Wellbeing Wednesday; The Scot  Gov Hate Crimes Bill Part t

Happy trans day of visibility! Last month we wrote a post about the Scottish Government Hate Crime Bill and now we're here for a follow-up!

Body Positivity
Speak bubbles show the text "Body positivity". "Body" is all caps and figure outlines of different p

Love U for U!

Congrats to Actuarial Soc!
Text reads "Congratulations to Students Actuarial Society for a successful first ever conference!" T

We wanted to give big congratulations to the Students Actuarial Society for their FIRST EVER digital conference!

A woman with red hair and a blue shirt stands slouched, one hand to her mouth in worry. Text reads "

We all have mental health, and physical health. They are separate, but not as separate as we tend to think.

The votes are tallied, and the results are in!
HWUnion U logo - text reads "Election Results"

The votes are tallied, and the results are in! Check out our election results here!

Happy International Women’s Day!
Alycia (left), Claire (middle) and Sam (right) are sharing their experiences  with us on what choosi

The theme this year is #ChooseToChallenge.

Wellbeing Wednesday: Mitigating Circumstances
Woman looks down at her phone in surprise, there's a notification icon overlaid on it. Text reads "M

Mitigating Circumstances have changed, there's money you might be eligible to apply for, and feedback you can give - check it all out in our latest article here!

Stefan G. Kay
Principal Hugh Nisbet, Sir Duncan Weatherstone chair of the board of governors and Stefan Kay, SRC p

It is with a heavy heart that today we share with you the news of the loss of a Heriot-Watt alum and former Student Union President – in fact, it is the loss of Stefan Kay, the Union’s first president.

We've written up a small piece in his memory on his many achievements and dedication to Heriot-Watt University and the Union across his life.

Society Spotlight: Watt Esports Making It rain for Charity
Watt Esports Logo, text reads "Making it raining for charity"

We want to give a HUGE congratulations to all the Watt Esports team for all the hard work they put into raising SO much money for SUCH a great cause!

HWUnion President Emily Lucy King pictured - text reads: "SBC UPDATE -  A message from Emily Lucy Ki

A message from Emily Lucy King, Student Union President.

Happy Global Day!
Global day 2021 logo

Happy Global Day! This is an opportunity for us to celebrate and showcase our diversity – did you know Heriot-Watt students represent over 94 nationalities on the UK campuses alone? From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we really are a diverse and wonderful community!

Tuition fees
Student places coin into graduation cap. Text reads "Tuition fees, Keeping U Involved".

We know the quality of your learning is not what you expected or wanted to pay for - that's why we are committed to doing everything we can. Read how, and how YOU can help too in this article!

Happy Lunar New Year!
Happy Lunar New Year; Pictured an Ox

We'd like to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to all our students and staff!

Studying online
Man studies at a laptop: text reads "Studying Online; keeping U focused".

Responsive Blended Learning has COMPLETELY changed the way students study this year. If you're still adjusting, don't worry - week 6 is THE window of time you can use to catch up. Find out in our latest article here!

Vice President Wellbeing

The Union is committed to fighting for the wellbeing ALL its students because YOU deserve better!

New society alert - Computer Science!
Text reads "There's a new society @HWUnion". Computer Science society logo at centre - party popper

Have you heard?
A brand new, global academic society is here! THE place for everything CS!

The Scot Gov Hate Crime Bill
Trans flag; text reads "Wellbeing Wednesday x LGBT History Month; The Scot Gov Hate Crimes Bill; U a

[TW: Transphobia]

The Scottish Parliament is currently reviewing a Hate Crime Bill which aims to better protect individuals and groups from hate crimes and tie already-existing pieces of legislation together. This Bill is seen as controversial and has sparked up many discussions so far - we thought we’d walk you through it!

Man lies with his head down. Text reads: "Workload, keeping U balanced"

Last semester brought a lot of changes that made your studies look quite different. You told us your workload was too much, and we acted. Check out what we did in this article.

Student Member of Parliament


Vice President Community

What does Community mean to you?

School Member of Parliament

Want to volunteer your time and make the Uni better?

Student Union President

Interested in becoming President? Read this!

Full Time Officers

Interested in becoming a Full Time Officer? Start here!


Wellbeing Wednesday: Meet your Wellbeing MPs!
HWUnion Wellbeing logo of overlapping speech bubbles - text reads "Here to empower U - Meet your Wel

With election nominations closing soon, we thought we would introduce you to the roles of Wellbeing MP and Open MP!

LGBT History Month: Coming out in my 20's
People holding hands, text reads "Coming out in my 20's, LGBT History Month"

This article, the last in our series this month, is an anonymous contribution from a Heriot-Watt student!

LGBT History Month: LGBT Perspective
People holding hands, text reads "LGBT Perspective: Philadelphia (1993), LGBT History Month"

Calling all cinema lovers! Did you know we have compiled an amazing watchlist of films, series and documentaries relating to LGBT History Month? If you’re not sure where to start, Maria, one of our MPs, recommends Philadelphia, a film about the taboo of sexuality in the workplace.

LGBT History Month: Starting Uni as an LGBT Student
People holding hands, text reads "Starting Uni as an LGBT Student, LGBT History Month"

To kick off LGBT History Month, one of our amazing volunteers, Connel Greenhorn, has written about his experience of starting uni as an LGBT student!

LGBT History Month: Finding your people
People holding hands, text reads "Finding your people, LGBT History Month"

Find your people here at Heriot-Watt or around Scotland with our resources below!

Celebrating Diversity - LGBT History Month
People holding hands, text reads "Celebrating Diversity, LGBT History Month"

From 1st February, we're marking the start of LGBT History Month!

Forming a new winning new society of the year!
Footsteps on a path: text at start reads "Forming a new society" and 'arrives at' "Winning new socie

Adam, President of the Chess Society, tells us about how he and his committee went from starting Chess Soc, to winning new society of the year!

Academic Representation
Graduated student stands with their qualification. Text reads "Academic Representation"

We chat a lot about Academic Representation, but what does that mean for you? How can you get involved to help make changes for students?

The one about Essay Mills

Don't miss this article on whats essay mills are, what do they do, and why they're important!

Elections 2021

Interested in making an impact and improving life for Heriot-Watt students? Find out more here!

Focus Groups

We have student-led focus groups running all next week and YOU are invited!

Getting involved
Pool Society members standing together. Text reads "Getting involved and meeting your people".

University life is definitely not all work and no play. You’re going to find yourself with a nice bit of free time in even if it doesn’t seem it at times. Especially lately, it’s SO important for your mental health that you find a balance between work and play. Check out how you can still get involved despite the restrictions!

Managing Expectations during Online Learning
Old-fashioned scales balance unhapy/happy emojis. Text reads "Managing Expectations During Online Le

If there’s one thing we’ve realised by now, it’s that COVID has changed everything in our lives. Some for the worse and others for the better. If you’ve been with us at Heriot-Watt last semester, you’ll have no doubt noticed things are looking pretty different when it comes to studying. That's why we thought it was important to help you manage your expectations as we start the new semester.

Volunteering with HWUnion
Hands reaching out - text reads "Volunteering - getting involved in 2021"

Volunteering is more than a line to add on your CV - it also means getting involved in some great causes!

Wellbeing Services @ Heriot-Watt
Wellbeing Graphic; text reads "Wellbeing Services at Heriot-Watt University"

There are only 3 sleeps until semester 2! Where does the time go...?

With new restrictions in place, we thought we’d take a second to talk you through the support services Heriot-Watt University that are available to you for free and with no judgement.

Remember it's okay to not be okay.

Sustainability in 2021
Sustainability Icon - Text reads "Sustainability in 20201 at the Union

If you're a new-start this semseter, welcome to Heriot-Watt! If you're a returning student, welcome back!

In this blog, I am going to give a run-down on what sustainability means to Heriot-Watt University Student Union and what we are doing to tackle the issues surrounding it.

Wellbeing Wednesday: Introducing MATES
Text reads "Introducing Mates"

Refreshers is just around the corner, so we thought we would let you know about our new and exciting MATES scheme!

WW: Christmas isn’t always the most wonderful time of the year
Sad puppies wearing Christmas hats

Here for U... Christmas isn’t always the most wonderful time of the year
Not everyone loves Christmas, for lots of different reasons – and that’s ok!

Careers Advice: Stand in the Elections

Find out from Careers why you should apply!

WW Gender Based Violence: Nights Out

What does your typical night out look like? Ever thought what it looking like for someone else?

Wellbeing Wednesday: Gender-Based Violence

At least 1 in 2 women experience Gender-Based Violence and 1 in 4 are affected by domestic abuse in their lifetime. Today marks the start of the 16 Days of Action against Gender-Based Violence, a national campaign to break the stigma surrounding violence towards women.


Friday the 20th of November is dedicated to the memory of Trans and non-binary people murdered or pushed to suicide because of violence and discrimination.

We won!

We've got some good news! We won an award after all our work on the Union's rebrand this year. Check out how we did it!

Couchella is Here!

We've got your very own stay-at-home weekend lined up for you!


As part of SHAG Week, Wellbeing MP, Sam sits down with HIV Scotland to find out more!

Top skills to learn before coming to Uni

Don't be the Freshers who puts a red sock in with the bright colours...

Nervous? Masking for a friend
Friends standing all wearing face masks

Any questions? Just mask!

September Elections!

Get involved, fix things, make changes!

Drinking Hard or Hardly Drinking

Who knew alcohol was for more than just hand sanitiser?

The Good Flatmate Guide

Be the kind of flatmate you'd want to live with. And PLEASE stop leaving your dirty dishes in the sink.

GET INVOLVED - Societies

Don't wait until you're halfway into your degree to get involved - join one of our amazing societies straight away and get stuck in!

Making friends and finding your people

You're about to meet so many new people, try and remember their names!

What to bring to Uni
A suitcase with the items a trip packed

Here's what not to forget!

Being away from home

Feeling nervous about being away from the comforts of home? Here's our advice!


Click here to find out more!

Living in Halls!

You're moving in soon, so what can you expect?

Getting to know our Campuses!

Excited about starting University soon? Find out what's waiting for you on-campus!

Society Spotlight Week: Society Successes

We love to shout about our societies! See how they've made us proud this year.

Society Spotlight Week: Academic Societies

What are Academic Societies and why do we need them?

Wellbeing Wednesday: Housing Edition

This week, we're looking at securing housing for next year

Society Spotlight Week: New Societies

Here's what you need to know about new societies and setting up your own society!

Society Spotlight Week: Reaffiliate Your Society

Today we're focusing on getting current societies reaffiliated with the Student Union.

Welcome to Societies Spotlight Week!

This week we're telling you everything you need to know about societies!

Freshers Week 2020

We're working hard to put on another fantastic Freshers Week!

Wellbeing Wednesday: The Advice Hub

Have you met our Advice Hub?

Deeper Events

Connecting people through deeper conversation.

Black Voices Project

Visit our Black Voices Project page for information on our BLM campaign

25 Beers with Elf


Language Tandem Scheme

Interested in learning a language while you're at Uni?

The Hidden Life of Trees

By Peter Wohlleben

He Said / She Said

by Erin Kelly

Sustainable Week with HWBS

For Sustainable Week HWBS and HWWS are exploring how breweries and distilleries contribute to helping the world with a sustainable future

Ologies Podcast

Humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward asks smart people stupid questions and the answers might change your life.


Japanese manga series

Hidden Figures

An inspiring movie about three women at NASA who were instrumental in one of history's greatest operations

The Hanging Bat Partnership

Wait...another partnership!?!?

We are delighted to be working with The Hanging Bat, who are offering us priority access and discount to their Wednesday Whisky Club.

Brooklyn 99

Brilliant but immature Brooklyn detective Jake Peralta must learn to follow the rules and be a team player when his squad gets an exacting new captain.

Wellbeing Podcasts

InnerSpace have a wealth of podcasts to listen to

Personal Development Seminars

Join InnerSpace for their personal development seminars online.

The Scotch Whisky Experience Partnership

We are delighted to confirm our final partnership for the year 2020-21 with one of the most popular whisky attractions in the entire world - The Scotch Whisky Experience.

Mental Wellbeing Talks

InnerSpace have a schedule of online talks all centred around mental wellbeing.

Athletic Arms Partnership

We are delighted to announce our partnership with legendary Edinburgh Institution, the Athletic Arms, perhaps better known as 'The Diggers'.

Guided Meditations by InnerSpace

Need a bit of "ahhhhh..." in your life? These online guided meditation sessions might help.

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

Have a laugh with Romesh Ranganathan

Louis Theroux Weird Weekends

Louis Theroux documentary

Louis Theroux Life On the Edge boxsets

Louis Theroux documentary

Best New Podcasts of 2020 to Get Lost In

What you should be listening to in 2020

District 9

Great metaphor for Apartheid (interviews at the start are with survivors of Apartheid state)


Netflix documentary detailing the the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsbug and her landmark work on women's rights.

Angry, White and American

Gary Younge (HW ALUM!!!) travels across America to find out why Trump resonates with so many people.

The School that tried to End Racism

A British school helps its students uncover and eradicate hidden racial biases.

The Black Lesbian Handbook

A lively guide to the underground Black Lesbian scene in Britain and the US.

Unremembered-Britain's Forgotten War Heroes

David Lammy MP reveals the shocking story

When they See Us

Limited series on the Central Park Five.


Join former first lady Michelle Obama in an intimate documentary looking at her life

Infinite Monkey Cage

Brian Cox and guests give you your science fix

Stuff You Should Know

Everything you should know - in a podcast!

Grounded with Louis Theroux

King of British Journalism, Louis Theroux, talks candidly with a range of interesting celebrities

Off Menu Podcast

Cheeky chappies Ed Gamble and James Acaster talk to celebs about their dream meal

About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge

Really interesting look at Race and Prejudice in the UK

How Do You Cope? with Elis and John

Brilliant interviews with famous folk about Mental Health, Physical Health and other issues not often spoken about.

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion has nearly 43m monthly listeners


Solange has 2.5m monthly listeners

Doja Cat

Doja Cat has nearly 32m monthly listeners

Black Lives Matter

Songs of empowerment and pride.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has over 14m monthly listeners

Alternative Pride

Alternative and indie artists from across the Pride spectrum.

Disco Fever

Four to the floor with your disco queens and kings.

Queer As Folk

Lyrical. Legit. This Pride vision of Folk, Americana, and Singer-Songwriter music features LGBTQ acts and allies.

Pride Classics

The revolutionaries, the allies, and the just plain fabulous: these flawless tracks are beyond perfect for Pride.

Out Now: Unlike Any Other

Listen to tracks that don't hold back from artists that are unlike any other.

Black LGBT Artist Sampler

Music spanning many genres and decades, all by Black lesbian, gay, bi and trans artists.

LGBTQ+ Voices

Stories and interviews behind the lives of a thriving LGBTQ+ community. Updates once a month.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Michelle Obama dives deep into conversations with loved ones

Science Vs

Takes interesting/controversial topics and walks through the what the science says on them


Try some fitness classes using the ClassPass app

305 Fitness Dance Workouts

Dance like no one is watching

Yoga with Adriene

Fancy some yoga in the comfort of your own home?

Indoor Obstacle Course

Return to your childhood and make an obstacle course

Pillow/Blanket fort

Who doesn't love to create their own little castle?

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Recorded seminars from Stanford Uni - great if you've got dreams of being an entrepreneur

Sustainable Fashion Meet Up

Learn about the environmental impact of our fast fashion habits.

History of Philosophy

Learn the history of philosophy - without any gaps!

Make and Mend

How to make and mend your clothes

Learn how to knit

Fancy learning to knit?

Reconfigure - Online Life Drawing

Online life drawing classes

The Great Watt Bakeoff

Can you be our star baker?

Grow Homemade Salt Crystals

Learn how to make your own salt crystals

O'Connor's Partnership

Another partnership for our society with O'Connor's, the Irish/whisky bar on Broughton Road.

Mug Brownie

Make a delicious brownie in a mug!

Freshers Week - Say Hi!

Come and say hi on our social media and Facebook groups!

Knock the house down

Covers grassroots campaigns by US Democrat figures.

Life as a School Officer

Wonder what it is like being a School Officer? Hannah Copeland shares her thoughts.

So, you wanna be a Class Rep?

Alakbar Zeynalzade shares his tips if you're thinking about becoming a Class Rep

A Day in the Life of a Class Rep

Elisa Caires shares what is required day-to-day being a Class Rep

Top Tips to be a Class Rep

Callum Brown shares his top tips if you want to be an amazing Class Rep

RiveRLife Partnership

RiveRLife is a French-Caribbean restaurant at 84 Dalry Road, offering the finest experience of Provençal cuisine. They are offering an amazing 30% off food Monday-Thursday to all of our members with a valid membership card.

HW CompSoc Becomes a Society!

The Union has formalised the Society's membership.

Society Success - This is Engineering Day

We had a fantastic collaborative society event recently so we wanted to tell you about it!

David Tennant does a Podcast with...

David Tennant hosts a podcast with a range of high profile guests

Why be a Class Rep?

Megan Ongley discusses why she chose to become a Class Rep

WM Cadenhead's Partnership

We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with the Edinburgh branch of the legendary independent bottler and whisky shop - William Cadenhead's.