How we used the Big 6 responses last year

Read how your responses has helped shape a better student life at Heriot-Watt!

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We made the change to The Big 6 format last year in order to better inform our arguments and decisions in the best interests of current students.
From the data collected last year, here are 6 of the main ways that we have specifically used the data to help you:


1. The data collected last year informed us around how best to organise paid contracts around Freshers Week. This led to the Paid Event staff position being made available to students to help out during the week. This position allowed students to see the operatonal side of running the busiest week of the year whilst getting paid.

2.The Big 6 was used to help inform the Active Wellbeing initiative which aims to make sport and physical activity more accessible at Heriot-Watt.

3. We used the data to highlight the issues and failures with student housing at a roundtable in the Scottish Parliament as well as to lobby for increased and consistent funding for mental health support.

4.We have used the data from the "How You Work" survey to portray the vast amount of students that work in hospitality to the fair work convention for the sector, expressing that they are a large percentage of the labour market that needs just consideration

5.It has informed our activities in regard to pushing for funding for financial wellness workshops and stalls, increased support for students to access critical funding as well as more general work to tackle food poverty


6. And finally we have used it to amplify student trends and behaviours to relevant university committees/departments.


All in all, a big, huge thank you to everyone who filled out the surveys last year. Your insight on everything Heriot-Watt has been vital for continuing to improve the student experience. The surveys this year are tailored a bit more specifically to what we think applies to your experience as student in 2023. So, if you haven't already we would love it if you could fill the surveys out again this year.

FIll out The Big 6 surveys here



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