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Assessment helps you measure your academic progress, see where you are doing well, and which areas still need some work. Feedback is a key part of that - the feedback that you receive on your work is one of the key ways you can progress and improve in your studies. So, it’s important to use feedback, but it isn’t always easy. We know that receiving feedback can be daunting, and so we have produced a range of resources to help you fully engage with feedback on your assessments.

In the spirit of our Student Partnership Agreement, the University, and our Student Union along with other student representatives globally have developed a range of useful resources under the banner of Making the Most of Feedback. The individual resources are available in the links below, and are intended to help guide you through the process of making the best use of feedback you receive. The resources can all be found on the Skills Hub, along with a range of useful information about other key academic skills. You can sign up for a webinar taking place on Friday November 3 that will help you to understand and act on feedback you receive. Alternatively you can contact the Effective Learning Advisors

Read our student guide to the three steps of making the most of feedback

Tune in to our podcast and hear advice from academics and other students

Short version of the podcast

Long version of the podcast

Check out the Feedback Portfolio to reflect on your feedback and track how you are doing

The challenge of feedback

Feedback can be challenging, and we know that students would like more constructive feedback which is clear and timely. This project is taking place in parallel with a range of activities aimed at improving the feedback process.

Making the Most of Feedback you receive (in whatever form you receive it) is something that you can control, and we hope these resources will support you in doing so.





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