The Nominees

Read who has been nominated for the Volunteer Awards and the Student Oscars!

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Thanl you to everyone who sent in their nominations for both of the annual award ceremonies. Both of the yearly events would not be possible without you taking your time to send in lovely comments about exceptional students, staff and services at Heriot-Watt. Below is the definitive list for both of the award ceremonies:


The 2024 Volunteer Awards

Principal's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community

  • Cameron Fields
  • Alannah Barreto
  • Charlotte-Ann Oragani-Esamal
  • Jil Sheth


Principal's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Student Community

  • Swathi Talzim
  • Aryan Jangir
  •  Blair Smyth
  • Kate Sinclair


Open Door Award

  • Blair Smyth
  • Krisha Shah
  • Muslim Society
  • Music Society


Undergraduate Representative of the Year

  • Nathan Marco
  • Kov Ciuchta
  •  Lucca Browning
  • Lewis Cheetham


Postgraduate Taught Representative of the Year

  • Robert Basake
  •  Aashima Poudhar
  • Shefali Shirodkar


Postgraduate Research Representative of the Year

  • Heriet Mhondiwa
  • Meng Wu
  • Elisabete 'Beta' Rodrigues
  • Sarah Goulding


Department Officer / School MP of the Year

  • Holly McAdams
  • Nathan Graham
  • Bhavana Bonthala


Academic Enhancement Award

  • Megan Ongley and Rachel Poole
  • Signing Society
  • Students' Actuarial Society


Strive for Sustainability Award

  • NetZero Society
  • Lucie Stewart
  • Eco Society


Social Media Presence of the Year

  • Mountaineering Club
  • Indian Society
  • Students' Actuarial Society
  • Signing Society


Event of the Year

  • Music Society Battle of the Bands
  • Muslim Society Multicultural Dinner
  • Disabled Students' Society Accessible Club Night


New Society of the Year

  • BioPrints Society
  • International Cultural Society
  • Engineers Without Borders


Stefan Kay Volunteer of the Year

  • Jacob Ross
  • Sára Masajídková
  • Zenab Akhtar
  • Misbah Chaudry


Society of the Year

  • Indian Society
  • Students' Actuarial Society
  • Music Society


Society Leader of the Year

  • Elise Brunsden
  • Omair Khalid
  • Harshita Chhabra


The 2024 Student Oscar Nominees

Most Supportive Staff  

  • Emma Coutts 
  • Lee McMahon 
  • Fairouz Kamareddine 
  • Sandy Kerr


Innovation in Teaching 

  • Jonathan Sherett 
  • Andrew McLaren 
  • Richard McCracken

Outstanding Support

  • Jay Sharkey 
  • Paul Dalgarno 
  • Caroline West


Personal Tutor

  • Diane Lewis 
  • Dr Katie Myhill 
  • Mairi Harkness 
  • Arno Kraft 

Best Supervisor


  • Aurora Maccarone 
  • Mathew Dunnigan 
  • Wei Wei  
  • Bruce Robert 

Postgraduate Taught

  • Dr Euan Winton 
  • Ignacio Carlucho & Maria Koskinopoulou 
  • Michael Lones 

Postgraduate Research

  • Dr Richard McCracken 
  • Godawatte Arachchige  
  • Jessica Chen-Burger 


Student Voice  

  • Ayse Arik 
  • Mette Sommer Lindsay 
  • Farnaz Mohsenpour 


Academic Community

  • Andrew McLaren
  • Yvonne, Hayley, Lucy & Jane  
  • Swapnesh Masrani 



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