What are Full Time Officers

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What are Full Time Officers

Full Time Officers are elected every year in our March elections. Full Time Officers work full-time for a year to improve things and make a difference at Heriot-Watt.

Full-Time Officers are responsible for looking after Heriot-Watt students, asking students for their feedback, and making the student experience the best it can be while you’re at university. They lead the direction of the Union and push for positive change!



Each Full Time Officer covers a specific area:

President – improves the student experience and represents the views of Heriot Watt students to the University. They make sure students are at the heart of everything the University does as they sit on University Court and loads of other committees. They also lead on Postgraduate Representation.

Vice President Community – works hard to improve life on campus! This includes working closely with societies and volunteering; campaigning and representing students on issues affecting their lives such as housing and transport as well as leading the work on sustainability.

Vice President Wellbeing – the first point of contact for student Equality and Diversity issues and liberation campaigns. They run the Student Wellbeing Group and work closely with the students that attend it to advocate for positive change in issues facing students identifying as LGBT+, Women, International, Black Asian and Minority Ethnic, and Disabled. They also run activities that will improve student wellbeing.

Vice President Education – covers all aspects of education and academic representation for undergraduate students across UK campuses, to improve the learning and teaching experience.



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