Heriot-Watt University Student Union news

Getting Around Edinburgh

Bus, tram, train, we've got it all!

Nervous? Masking for a friend

Any questions? Just mask!

September Elections!

Get involved, fix things, make changes!

Drinking Hard or Hardly Drinking

Who knew alcohol was for more than just hand sanitiser?

The Good Flatmate Guide

Be the kind of flatmate you'd want to live with. And PLEASE stop leaving your dirty dishes in the sink.

GET INVOLVED - Societies

Don't wait until you're halfway into your degree to get involved - join one of our amazing societies straight away and get stuck in!

Making friends and finding your people

You're about to meet so many new people, try and remember their names!

What to bring to Uni

Here's what not to forget!

Being away from home

Feeling nervous about being away from the comforts of home? Here's our advice!


Click here to find out more!

Living in Halls!

You're moving in soon, so what can you expect?

Getting to know our Campuses!

Excited about starting University soon? Find out what's waiting for you on-campus!

Society Spotlight Week: Society Successes

We love to shout about our societies! See how they've made us proud this year.

Society Spotlight Week: Academic Societies

What are Academic Societies and why do we need them?

Wellbeing Wednesday: Housing Edition

This week, we're looking at securing housing for next year

Society Spotlight Week: New Societies

Here's what you need to know about new societies and setting up your own society!

Society Spotlight Week: Reaffiliate Your Society

Today we're focusing on getting current societies reaffiliated with the Student Union.

Welcome to Societies Spotlight Week!

This week we're telling you everything you need to know about societies!

Freshers Week 2020

We're working hard to put on another fantastic Freshers Week!

Wellbeing Wednesday: The Advice Hub

Have you met our Advice Hub?

Black Lives Still Matter

Since George Floyd's death a few weeks ago, a lot has happened!

Wellbeing Wednesday: Be Active + Learn and Enjoy

3rd and final week of our “6 ways to take care of yourself during lockdown” series!

Wellbeing Wednesday: Be Kind + Be Aware

Continuing with our series, here are two other tips to take care of yourself (and others) during lockdown!

Wellbeing Wednesday: Nurture + Belong

The first in our new series of weekly things to help beat the lockdown blues.

Happy Pride Month!

Student Union's are organising a digital Pride Festival

Here's Colin! Your VP Community

The last in this current series where we meet the Full Time Officers. Today it's Colin's turn, your Vice President Community.

This is Lara! Your new VP Wellbeing

Lara Stroudinsky is your new Vice President Wellbeing. Let's find out a bit more about her.

Enough is Enough

We, your Student Union, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Say Hello to Alexander, our new VP Education

Meet Alexander, he's new in to our position of Vice President Education!

Meet Emily, your new Student Union President

Meet Emily, your new Student Union President for 2020/21. We caught up with her, to find out a bit more about why she stood to be President...

FAQs - Coronavirus Support

Got a Question? We might have the answers you're looking for!

Option To Cancel On-Campus Leases

Students offered option of ending on-campus UK accommodation leases

Student Union Election Results

Check out who will be leading the way for change next year!