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Hannah Copeland

Vice President (Education)


What do I do?

As VP Education my main focus will be on academic issues and representing the views of students to the University to improve the learning and teaching experience.

In my role, I attend a lot of academic University committees, putting forward the views and opinions of students. I will also work and collaborate with my counterparts in Dubai and Malaysia to represent global academic issues.

I work closely with the Academic Coordinator to support and chair Academic Congress as well as regular meetings with School Officers and Class Reps. I take into consideration the issues they raise, and work together to find solutions and present them to the University and other relevant stakeholders to enhance the student experience.

This is a new role for 2020, so I'm excited to help shape it in to something great.

Tell Us About Yourself

Hi, I'm Hannah your current VPE this year! I am so excited to get started this year and begin working to ensure you have the best educational experience at Heriot-Watt. I've been Class Rep for 1 year and Urban Studies School Officer for 2 years. I have loved working with the Union over the past 3 years and delighted I get to continue!

After being School Officer for 2 years and Class Rep for 1, I didn't want to stop representing students! I've had such an amazing experience on my course, so I want to ensure all students across the university feel the same about their time here!

I'm REALLY passionate about education at Heriot-Watt and want to solve issues students are facing.

This year I have BIG plans, including:

  • Increasing support for students
  • Working on making education at HW more inclusive
  • Improving the feedback system throughout the university


Don't judge, one of my fave snacks is cold baked beans.


BSc in Urban Planning and Property Development

Let's Chat...

If you want to chat about my role, or something you think we should be looking at, then here's how you can find me:

Vice President (Education)

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