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Connel Greenhorn

Vice President Education

Hello everyone! I’m Connel, your Vice-President Education for the next year. Looking to discuss academic issues or concerns? Got any education ideas that you would like to see brought to the table? Please get in touch for a chat!

What do I do?

As VP Education, my primary focus will be representing the undergraduate and postgraduate taught student learning and teaching experience to the university.

Within my role, I will be a key member of a range of different committees, including but not limited to, academic integrity, mitigating circumstances and assessment and feedback.

 I will also be working closely with the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Dubai and Malaysia campuses to represent global academic issues and opportunities.

Tell Us About Yourself

I am now the third VP Education to have completed their undergraduate studies in the Geography and Urban Studies department. I have volunteered in the Student Union for over three years, holding roles as a class rep trainer, school officer and a student member of parliament. Finally, Heriot-Watt University was not one of my UCAS options for coming to study.

A few of his favourite things:

Food cuisines, Badminton, The Gym, Coffee, Plants and the great outdoors

Let's Chat...

If you want to chat about my role, or something you think we should be looking at, then here's how you can find me: