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Georgia Noble

Vice President (Wellbeing)

Hi! I'm Georgia, I'm going to be your Vice President Wellbeing this year. I'm so excited to be in the role and super grateful that I was elected. I look forward to seeing you on campus soon, don't hesitate to stop me for a chat or send me an email!

What do I do?

As VP Wellbeing, I'm the first point of contact for student equality & diversity issues and liberation campaigns. I chair the Student Wellbeing Group and work closely with the students that attend it to advocate for positive change in issues facing students identifying as LGBTQ+, Women, International, Black Asian & Minority Ethnic, and Disabled.

I also work with this group to find solutions to issues that impact the wellbeing of all students, including but not limited to mental health. As well as this, I work to support the Advice Hub. As a Member of Parliament alongside the 2 MPs from Student Wellbeing Group, I help drive positive change brought forward by its members.

I work closely with the University’s Wellbeing Services and sit on the Equality and Diversity Committee. I'm also a member of the Student Union Trustee Board and am nominated to attend various University committees.

Tell Us About Yourself

I was the Founder and President of the Sleep Society! I only really got involved with the SU in my final year but it has been such a great experience I really wish I did it sooner!

I stood for this position because I've always been passionate about everything to do with physical and mental wellbeing - and my experiences at university have only solidified this. I'm looking forward to helping you have as safe and fun a time at university as possible.

This year I have BIG plans, including:

My three key goals for this year are:

Safety: Primarily by pushing for clearer, more easily accessible discrimination policy, making sure the policy can be found easily in those times when you don't feel safe so you know exactly who to speak to and can ensure that they handle the situation correctly (and can be held accountable).

Sleep: I will start a 'Better Sleep for Students' campaign, getting you to think more about your sleep habits and how you might be able to improve them.

Sport: Sport, and exercise in general, are key parts of our overall wellbeing - but it's not always easy to get started! I want to encourage more students to view sport & exercise as a form of self care and make it easier for them to participate!


I once flew a plane!


I studied Biological Sciences (BSc)

Let's Chat...

If you want to chat about my role, or something you think we should be looking at, then here's how you can find me: