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Aoife Clarke

Vice President (Wellbeing)

I am Aoife Clarke, your new Vice President Wellbeing! (It's pronounced 'ee-fa'!)

My role covers everything from Mental, Physical and Sexual Health, collaborating with our liberation and cultural societies to advocating for better student housing conditions! Every day brings a new task in this role!

There’s so much to do in this role but luckily, I have the fellow Full Time Officer’s (FTO’S) and the new parliament team to help! With the new Union structure I oversee the Student Wellbeing group and liaison with the group's elected MP’S to ensure the student voice is leading everything we do. This year I want to improve the awareness and culture around mental health, sexual harassment and wider Wellbeing issues around campus.

This year is set to be jam-packed with events and campaigns, so keep up with our social media to make sure you don’t miss it and get involved!

Any questions or ideas you think we should focus on? Or just want a chat? Whatever it is, drop me an email, find me on social media or come see on campus- I’m always here!

Contact Details

You can find Aoife in the Sabbs' Office in the Student Union.

  • 0131 451 5333

    Vice President (Wellbeing)