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Aoife Clarke

Vice-President (Wellbeing)

I am Aoife Clarke, your new Vice President Wellbeing! (It's pronouced 'ee-fa'!) I have been working over the summer to ensure your student experience is the best it can be and I will be continuing that work throughout this year!

I am passionate about all issues Wellbeing! With the new Union structure I oversee the Student Wellbeing group and liaison with the group's elected MP. This year I want to improve the awareness and culture around mental health and wider Wellbeing issues around campus.

If you have any issues you'd like to help raise awareness of or if you need help with any issues, big or small let me know!

Contact Details

You can find Aoife in the Sabbs' Office in the Student Union.

  • 0131 451 5333

    Vice-President (Wellbeing)