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Lara Stroudinsky

Vice President (Wellbeing)

Hi, I’m Lara (she/her) and I’m your VP Wellbeing for this year! After 5 amazing years at Heriot-Watt, I've decided I wanted to stay on and help improve new and returning students’ uni experience. If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to chat or get involved, please send me an email at union.vpwellbeing@hw.ac.uk or catch me on campus!

What do I do?

As VP Wellbeing, I'm the first point of contact for student equality & diversity issues and liberation campaigns. I chair the Student Wellbeing Group and work closely with the students that attend it to advocate for positive change in issues facing students identifying as LGBTQ+, Women, International, Black Asian & Minority Ethnic, and Disabled.

I also work with this group to find solutions to issues that impact the wellbeing of all students, including but not limited to mental health. As well as this, I work to support the Advice Hub. As a Member of Parliament alongside the 2 MPs from Student Wellbeing Group, I help drive positive change brought forward by its members.

I work closely with the University’s Wellbeing Services and sit on the Equality and Diversity Committee. I'm also a member of the Student Union Trustee Board and am nominated to attend various University committees.

Tell Us About Yourself

Where to begin? I was the President of the Pole Dance Society and Social Secretary for the Sustainability Society. I was also Class Rep for Languages (I studied Interpreting and Translation). Last year I was the Society MP on the Student Union Parliament, elected by Societies Council.

This year I hope to bring a more intersectional approach to wellbeing, be it mental, physical, sexual or financial! I'm most looking forward to getting to know students and working hard to make a difference!

This year I'm hoping to organise the 2nd annual Mental Health Conference, start freelancing 101 / financial awareness workshops and hold a Sexual Wellbeing Week.

Let's Chat...

If you want to chat about my role, or something you think we should be looking at, then here's how you can find me:

Vice President (Wellbeing)