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Maria de los Angeles Zapata Rodriguez

Student MP

Who are you?

I am Maria de los Angeles Zapata Rodriguez, originally from Peru. I am a Doctoral student at the Edinburgh Business School. I am doing research in the intersection of disability and gender in women living with chronic pain in employment in Scotland and Arequipa (Peru). I am a mature student, which means I've lived a lovely and long life, and have plenty of energy and passion to continue living and fighting for what I think is right. Sometimes I am wrong about what's right - but that's life, learning and erring, and learning, and erring.

What are your interests?

I am an advocate of education and human rights, specifically for vulnerable people. When I am not engineering PhD, life plans, trips (especially before covid), I am watching Netflix, some new show about design, construction, or Friends/Dark/Grace and Frankie (my top 3).

What are the things you want to work on?

I don't like injustice. I want to work on issues regarding the following topics: disability, mental health, gender equality, and in general protect vulnerable people. As a PhD student, I am exposed to issues faced by my research peers, I also want to canalise our ideas. But honestly, if you who are reading think I can help, please do not hesitate to reach out. If I cannot help or don't have the answer, will lead you to the right people. Contact me through email or Teams at mz56@hw.ac.uk.

An interesting fact about yourself

I am 32. I was born when Margareth Thatcher was still on power, and before the fall of the Berlin wall.


You can reach me at mz56@hw.ac.uk

Student MP