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Nicole Matthews


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What do i do?

I am the School Member of Parliament (School MP) for Textiles and Design - there is one School MP elected by each School (EGIS, EPS, MACS, SoSS & SoSD).

As a School MP, I support the Vice President Academic and work with them to fix issues faced by students to improve academic life at Heriot-Watt. I meet regularly with School Officers and Class Reps at Academic Congress, and attend School Officer Meetings every other week to drive positive change and feed these issues to Parliament. I also help ensure Academic Congress runs smoothly.

Working closely with Class Reps and School Officers is a really important part of my role. I work to increase the awareness of these positions within your School to make sure students are aware of these structures, how to contact them, and how to get the most out of their School Officers and Class Reps.

In this role I might also attend University Committees and Working Groups.

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Let's Chat

If you want to chat about my role, or something you think we should be looking at, then here's how you can find me:

  • Email me on 
  • Chat with me on Teams

Other Contacts that may be useful

I do my role part-time alongside my studies, so I may not be able to respond immediately. Some other contacts you might also find useful are:

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