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Chess for all levels. Grab a free membership, or pop us an email for more info.

Chess for all levels, beginner to expert. Casual play over the board and online on a weekly basis, plus lessons and tournaments as well!


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Free beginners lesson.
23rd September 5pm - 7pm
Our first beginner lesson of the year!
First session of the year.
24th September 4pm - 6pm
Our first session of the year!



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Your Privacy

You can view our standard society privacy statements here. If this particular society has any amendments to this privacy statement, they will be shown below.

We also ask to collect your Lichess and Usernames so you can join the society's online games.

As a member of the Heriot-Watt Chess Society, you may have the opportunity to compete in chess tournaments with other Universities and external organisations. 

If you choose to compete in these events, we may ask you to share additional data with the society so it can be shared with the tournament organisers. We expect this data to include name, chess rating, age, email and course of study. This data varies depending on the tournament organiser.

We will never give this data to an external organisation without your explicit consent first.