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Have you ever questioned the foundations of existence, reason, knowledge, and values? Our society will help you find the answers you're looking for!

Who are we, what do we do, and how?!

Lovers of knowledge look no further. The Heriot-Watt Philosophy Society is making philosophy accessible, interesting, and world-expanding.

The HWPS is a society which invites any and all to come learn, share, and partake in open philisophical discussion. Members will gain an advanced knowledge of philisophical concepts that will enrich themselves and those around them. As a society we also focus on the history of philosophy and the historical context surrounding great thinkers and their ideas. This is important as philosophy spans all time periods and cultures. If this society sounds intimidating, don't fret! We accept individuals who are brand new to philosophy as well as those who are already well aquainted with it.

We accomplish our goal of philisophical enrichment by...

      1. Creating an active community of thinkers from a diverse set of backgrounds and experience.

      2. Hosting open symposiums to encourage passionate discourse over philosophical concepts.

      3. Equipping members to address what they believe to be their moral imperatives.

      4. Hosting a book club which delves into particular niches of philosophy.

      5. Bringing a strong member of the humanities to relevance at Heriot-Watt.



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