We are all about people - they make us tick. It takes a lot of different people to make the Union run smoothly, so read on and we'll introduce them to you. You might even spot somewhere you can slot yourself in and make a difference! You can meet them all here.


As a registered charity, we are required to have a Trustee Board. Our Board is made up of the following members:

  • 4 x Full Time Officers
  • 6 x External Trustees (including one appointed by the University, and one Alumni)
  • 2 x Student Trustees

The Trustee Board oversee the financial and legal aspects of running the Student Union.

Student Parliament

The Student Parliament is made up of elected students who oversee the policy and decision making aspects of the Student Union. Student Parliament is made up of:

Full Time Officers

We have 4 Full Time Officers, who are either at the end of their studies or who take a year out from studying to work for the Student Union full-time. Our Full Time Officers are:


We have 17 Members of Parliament (MPs) who are all current students who fulfil their role whilst they continue studying. They are:

Academic Reps

To support the academic / studying side of things, we have a whole host of Academic Reps who we support and train each year!

Department Officers

Department Officers are selected jointly by us and the University, from those students that apply for the position. They work at the School level to feed information between Class Reps and the University to make changes that will improve your time studying at HW.

Class Reps

Class Reps are elected by each class group and are the Undergraduate first point of contact if you have an idea for something to change with your course.

Postgraduate Reps

Postgrad Reps cover both PG Taught and PG Research students and operate similarly to Class Reps but with a particular focus on the Postgraduate level of study.


Societies are groups of students who share a common interest. They are a formal structure within the Student Union, and can be created by any student who sees a need for it.

Society Committees

These students help to organise and run the society - there is usually a President, Treasurer and various other committee roles such as Social Secretary etc. Societies hold elections for their committees each year as part of the re-affiliation (re-registering) process.

Society Members

Any student can join any society as a member. You then have access to attend any events or meetings they hold, and take part in their activities. You can see the full list of societies you can join here.


The Student Union couldn't run as well as we do without our Student Volunteers helping us. There are numerous ways you can volunteer with us:

  • Be elected as a Member of Parliament
  • Apply to be a Class Rep
  • Sign up to one of our volunteering opportunities such as Freshers Rep or Events Crew

Given the nature of volunteering, these positions are not paid - instead students are giving up their time to help make things better. However, volunteers can log the hours they spend working with us through our Volunteer Hours Log - that way the hours you dedicate will be included on your University transcript as evidence of your experience and the skills gained.


The Student Union employs around 80 staff members - some full-time, but most are students working part-time within our bar, cafe and shop. The staff help to ensure there is consistency between each academic year (as most elected posts are only for a 1-year term) and staff help with the day-to-day running of the Student Union. Meet some of our staff member here.


Last but not least, Students!

We wouldn't be a very good Student Union if we didn't include people like you in our list of key contributors. While you can put yourself forward for any positions shown above, there are also many other ways you can be involved in the Student Union (but slightly less formally!). These include:

  • Attending one of our Student Group meetings, such as Academic Congress or the Student Life Group
  • Voting in our elections (usually around March)
  • Making use of our bar, cafe and shop
  • Completing surveys if we send them out
  • Keeping in touch with us via social media
  • Brining forward any issues you feel is a problem