Heriot-Watt University Student Union lives by our purpose statement:

Students First, Always.

It kind of sums up perfectly what we're about. We are lots of things, but at heart we have a few important values.

We are ...

  1. Student Focused
    It might seem obvious, but we are the organisation on campus that can truly, always put students first. Let’s not forget that.
  2. Fun
    We want to enjoy the things we do, and we should all have fun while we’re doing it.
  3. Brave
    We should step out of our comfort zone and try new things – even if it might be a bit risky and fail.
  4. Welcoming
    We have our arms open wide to any student, no matter your background, culture, viewpoint or needs.
  5. Empowering
    It’s not always about fixing student problems, we should be helping you to fix your own problems.

Our aims at the moment are to:

Make your university experience more than your course

You're here to learn. We help with your learning both in and out of the lecture theatre, by providing opportunities to help enhance your studies and improve your employability prospects.

Offer a place for everyone to belong

You're unique - and so is everyone else. We are the place for everyone - your home from home, by providing high quality spaces for you to use and connecting you with all the diverse communities on campus.

Actively listen and offer support  When you need it

We're here with you throughout your journey. We'll help you with life, whatever it throws at you. We'll be here when you need us, help you with skills for life and empower you to make a difference.


Hang around us long enough, and you'll hear us talking a lot about being democratic. What we mean by this is that we take your view as the most important view. We do this by putting students (like you) as the decision makers. Now obviously, it would be difficult to ask all 10,000 of you for your opinion - we just couldn't manage. So, instead we let you pick people to represent you!

Each year around March we hold Student Elections which let you vote for which students will represent you in the year ahead. You've got the power! Now use it.