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Accessing digital services is very important during your studies, so we've made some guides on how you can access and use the digital services avaliable to you. While the Advice Hub can't give you technical advice, we can refer you to Information Services who should be better able to help with your issues.

Resetting your password

If you want to change your password, or you need to reset it to access your account, you can see our guide on passwords.

Accessing your email

It's very important that you check your email regularly as critical information about your course and time at university will be sent there, you can access your email on your phone or computer, see how here.

Accessing the Student Portal and your timetable

The student portal is were you'll find lots of useful administrative information about your courses and degree, and where you can also make changes, check out our guide here.

Your results

See where you can find your results and what they mean.

Changing course

Find out how you can change course.

Finding your exam seat

To find your seat for your exams you need to go to the Student Portal head to 'Online Enrolment and Registration' and scroll down to 'Assessment & Graduation' and select 'Exam Seating Plan'.


Where can I access my course material?

You can find your course material on Canvas.

Where can I get help with IT related issues?

Information Services have more information and guides avaliable, and if you still need help you can contact

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