Getting Involved at SBC

Want to know more about Societies, Volunteering and Mates at Galashiels? Check out our article on what you can get up to!

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We have some great societies in Galashiels so make sure to check them out!

Textiles and Design Society

The Textiles & Design Society exists to bring TEX students together to build a better community on campus! Sign up here or check them out on Instagram.

Galashiels Fitness Society

The fitness society is the newest SBC society and focuses on fitness in Galashiels, find more info here.

Gala Christian Union

Gala CU is a long standing society all about Christianity and the Bible, check them out here and see them on Instagram.

Check out our other societies

Don't see anything for you? Many of our other societies are running online events at the moment, so why not check out our list of societies and see what they've got going on, or reach out to a society you're interested and see if you can establish a branch and run some events near to you! Or you could always...

Start your own society!

It's easier than you'd think! All you need is to get together with 4 likeminded people and you're off! Check out more information here.


MATES is a new way to meet people, make friends, or get a personalised introduction to any society or club you want! So whether you want to try a new activity, or just meet new people, give MATES a go! Find out more and sign up!


You can also get involved by volunteering during your studies. Two fantastic ways to volunteer include being part of our SBC Group. This is a regular meet-up where you can tell us your ideas and help organise events for everyone at the Galashiels Campus, as well as give us your feedback on life at SBC. If you're interested, drop Emily, your Student President a message at

You can also volunteer by getting involved in our Student Union elections and applying for a role. There's lots of positions you might like the look of, including Student MP. Take a look here or send an email to

Better still - any time you spend volunteering, you can log with the Student Union and it'll appear on your transcript when you graduate. This looks really great on your CV and can help you stand out from the crowd!


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