Welcome to MATES!

MATES is a new way to meet new people, make friends and get a personalised introduction to any society or club you want!

How does it work?

Just click the link below and fill in the form, and we’ll take care of the rest! Once we’ve found a match, we will send you and your Mate an introductory email to your HW inbox. After that, it’s up to you! MATES is what you make it. You can chat online, have video calls, go for a socially distanced coffee (within regulations), go to events or join a society together! If you have any questions, check out our FAQs at the bottom of this page!

Click here to join MATES

Are you already part of a society and want to help new people join? Become a MATES ambassador by following the link here! Want more info? Check out our guide to being a MATES ambassador!

Code of Conduct

As a Mate you should ALWAYS:

  • Respect each other and be polite
  • Respect Heriot-Watt values and be appropriate at all times
  • Let the MATES Administrators know if you are unhappy or have any issues with your Mate
  • Let the MATES Administrators know if you would like to leave the system; don’t just ignore your Mate!
  • Don’t overshare personal issues with your Mate; they are a fellow student and not an agony aunt! Instead, contact the Advice Hub (advice.hub@hw.ac.uk) or the Wellbeing Services (studentwellbeing@hw.ac.uk)
  • If you are concerned about your Mate's wellbeing, don’t take it on yourself; instead, refer them to the Advice Hub (advice.hub@hw.ac.uk) or the Wellbeing Services (studentwellbeing@hw.ac.uk)
  • Stay safe – if you meet your Mate in person, do it in a public, busy space
  • Have fun!


We will only share your personal data with relevant members of staff, volunteers and your assigned Mates. As a Mate, you are under no circumstances allowed to share your assigned Mates’ data. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in you being banned from MATES and could result in Disciplinary Action with the University.

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