Volunteering with the Student Union is more than just a line you can add to your CV. Your volunteering hours will be accredited by the Saltire Awards and displayed on your academic record when you graduate, alongside your grades, helping you to stand out from the crowd! There are so many different ways you can volunteer:

  • Academic - School MPs, Class Reps, School Officers
  • Community - Societies Council MP, Societies Council attendees, Student Life Group MP, Student Life Group attendees, Open Place MPs, Society Committee Members, Charities volunteers, Freshers Reps, Events Crew, Event Hosts, Regular Performers at Events
  • Wellbeing - Wellbeing Group MPs, Open Place MPs, Wellbeing Group attendees, Therapets and Advice Hub volunteers
  • Scottish Borders Campus - Freshers Reps, Campaign Volunteers, Society Committee Members, Class Reps, School Officers, SBC Group MP, SBC Group attendees
  • Volunteer in Town - if none of the opportunities on campus speak to you, find an external opportunity using Volunteer Edinburgh. Want to explore opportunities in Galashiels? Check out Volunteer Centre Borders!

If you want to find out more or get involved, contact Activities Coordinator Polly Glynn or Vice President Community Colin Aitken.

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Check our handy toolkit which helps you with the day to day running of your society, with guides on everything from advertising to zoom calls!

WANT TO START a new society?

We have a guide here for how to set up your own society.

The Volunteer Awards

Every year, our outstanding volunteers are celebrated at a (usually themed) bash in the Student Union. It’s a great opportunity to thank them for their hours of work and to reflect on the highlights of the year.

The Volunteer Awards up for grabs each year are: 

  • New Society of the Year
  • Society of the Year
  • Event of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Perseverance Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Academic Enhancement Award
  • Certificate of Outstanding Contribution
  • Principal's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Student Community
  • Principal's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community


The following awards are available: 

  • Bronze Award - 50 hours
  • Silver Award - 100 hours
  • Gold Award - 200 hours
  • Gold+ Award - 300 hours 
  • Gold++ Award - 400 hours
  • Platinum Award - 500 hours

With each milestone we can refer you to the Careers Service which will help you translate your log book into points for you CV in order to exemplify the skills you’ve gained throughout your voluntary work. That way your volunteering will be truly rewarding!