Volunteer Awards 2023

It's time for the 2023 Volunteer Awards! Nominations are now closed!

What are the volunteer awards?

The Volunteer Awards are an annual celebration of the volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make your university experience better. We celebrate our Society Leaders, Class Reps, School Officers and a whole host of others who give up their time to make things run smoothly and make the student experience better for others.


Nominees for the 2023 Volunteer Awards:

Here are this years nominations!

Principal's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community

  • Reece Docherty
  • Cameron Fields
  • Ross Henderson
  • Meng Wu

Principal's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Student Community

  • Harshita Chhabra
  • Charlotte Delcross
  • Cameron Fields
  • Jil Sheth

Open Door Award

  • Lilja Alam
  • Nahl Ghani
  • Robotics Society

Undergraduate Representative of the Year

  • Ben Agnew
  • Harshita Chhabra
  • Christie Robertson

Postgraduate Taught Representative of the Year

  • Bashir Ayvazian Kassis
  • Sayanima Kisku
  • Rahul Nair

Postgraduate Research Representative of the Year

  • Florian Ahrens, Josephine Giard, and Karen Fung
  • Sean Keenan
  • Jil Sheth

School Officer / MP of the Year?

  • Eireann Lee
  • Vincent Pemberton
  • Lucy Welford

Academic Enhancement Award

  • Robotics Society
  • Students Actuarial Society
  • Lucy Welford

Strive for Sustainability Award

  • Net Zero Society
  • Ocean Conservation
  • Student Progressive Society

Social Media Presence of the Year

  • Chess Society
  • Investment Society
  • Kpop Society
  • Muslim Society

Event of the Year

  • Discover Islam Week - Muslim Society
  • Diwali - Indian Society
  • Skills and Change for a Sustainable Future - Net Zero Society
  • Surfing with Ocean Conservation Society

New Society of the Year

  • African Caribbean Society
  • Art Society
  • Kpop Society
  • Signing Society

Stefan Kay Volunteer of the Year

  • Charlotte Delcross
  • Zafeer Khan
  • Charlie Otter
  • Jil Sheth

Society of the Year

  • Indian Society
  • Investment Society
  • Muslim Society
  • Student Progressive Society

Society Leader of the Year

  • Srivathsan Karunanithi - Foodie Society
  • Izabela Nowakowska - HW Racing
  • Greig Rowe - Investment Society
  • Aadil Sayed - Muslim Society

Hours awards

At the volunteer awards we also celebrate the milestones volunteers have reached with the hours awards:

  • Bronze Award - 50 hours and 5 employability skills
  • Silver Award - 100 hours and 5 employability skills
  • Gold Award - 200 hours and 6 employability skills
  • Platinum Award - 300 hours and 6 employability skills
  • Ruby Award - 400 hours and 7 employability skills
  • Diamond Award - 500 hours and 7 employability skills

These are based on the hours logged at the student union website, so if you're a volunteer please make sure your hours are up to date! If you want a refresher on how to log hours check out our guide here! When you're logging your skills, make sure to log them across different categories for them to count.

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