Volunteer Awards 2022


Ticket sales for the 2022 volunteer awards are now open! Thanks for nominating!

It's time for the 2022 Volunteer Awards! Ticket sales are now open! If you are nominated in any of our categories you'll have recieved an email containing details about your free ticket, so make sure to check your inbox!

The event will be held on Thursday 31st March at 7pm in the James Watt Centre in the main University building. We’ll be serving a two-course meal and drinks, and it will be a great event!

Pick up your tickets, extra drinks, raffle tickets here.

What are the volunteer awards?

The Volunteer Awards are an annual celebration of the volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make your university experience better. We celebrate our Society Leaders, Class Reps, School Officers and a whole host of others who give up their time to make things run smoothly and make the student experience better for others. It's easy to complete a nomination, so please take this opportunity to tell us all the great things that volunteers are doing and make sure they are rewarded!


The nominations are closed now, but here's a reminder of what's up for grabs:

  • Academic Enhancement Award This award celebrates societies and student groups that’ve helped improve your academic experience at Heriot-Watt.
  • Best Social Media Presence Award This award recognises a society or a group of students who have worked hard to produce excellent content across their social media platforms.
  • Event of the Year - This award recognises a society or group of students who have worked together to produce an excellent event for others.
  • Open Door AwardThis award recognises student(s) or societies who’ve contributed to creating an inclusive, respectful, welcoming environment on campus.
  • Society Leader of the Year - This award recognises a Society Leader that has gone above and beyond to improve the society community this year.

Hours awards

At the volunteer awards we also celebrate the milestones volunteers have reached with the hours awards:

  • Bronze Award - 50 hours and 5 employability skills
  • Silver Award - 100 hours and 5 employability skills
  • Gold Award - 200 hours and 6 employability skills
  • Platinum Award - 300 hours and 6 employability skills
  • Ruby Award - 400 hours and 7 employability skills
  • Diamond Award - 500 hours and 7 employability skills

These are based on the hours logged at the student union website, so if you're a volunteer please make sure your hours are up to date! If you want a refresher on how to log hours check out our guide here!

Society Bucket List

Do you run a society? You can still submit your completed bucket list here!