Once a year, we nominate and celebrate our brilliant staff who truly change our students’ experiences for the better. There are a number of different awards that we give out to deserving staff members across the university.

This year is the 10th year we have celebrated staff in this way, and we are determined to make it the best yet!

We've increased the number of awards available, and we've made sure that there are new categories, meaning that every single staff member at Heriot-Watt is eligible for at least one of the awards!

Tell us who has made your time here memorable.  Is it your lecturer who patiently talked you through a concept until the penny dropped; the careers advisor who helped you prepare for that interview; the lab assistant who showed you just the right way to get the experiment to work; or even the cleaner in your halls of residence who always checked in on you when you were feeling a bit homesick?

We want to know the stories.  Tell us, who has gone the extra mile for you and made you want to say Thank You?

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Nominations close at 5pm on Wednesday 3rd April.