Student Union Oscars 2020

Do you have an outstanding lecturer? A phenomenal supervisor? An amazing member of safeguarding? A superb office administrator? An incredible lab assistant? Then this is your opportunity to say thank you.

The Student Union Oscars provide all students with the ability to reward and recognise members of University staff who have demonstrated exceptional teaching, research and support.

How do I write a good nomination?

Remember that the only information the judging panel will see and base their decisions on is the nominations you submit and how well they match the criteria for the category you are nominating them in.

A good nomination should provide clear examples which demonstrate why the person you have nominated has fulfilled the criteria and deserves to win the award. Be sure to carefully read the criteria, and submit your nomination for the category where the examples are most appropriate.

Nominations close on Friday 10th April.

The winners will be announced at a star-studded award ceremony on the 6th May, and every single staff member nominated will receive a copy of their nominations letting them know that you think they are amazing!

The Awards…

Most Supportive Staff Member – This award is for any member of staff who goes above and beyond the requirements of their role to help you progress as a student.

Innovation in Teaching – This award is for staff who use creative methods to deliver an exciting and different learning experience for you.

Outstanding Support Staff – This award is for non-teaching staff who work exceptionally hard to improve the student experience for you.

Online Teaching Award – This award is for lecturers who create an outstanding online learning and teaching experience for students.

Best Supervisor Award (Undergraduate, Masters and PhD) – These awards are for supervisors who have excelled at guiding you through your academic journey, providing you with support, advice and direction.

Student Voice Award – This award us for an individual or group of staff members who actively seek and use student feedback to make the student experience the best it can be.