Here at Heriot-Watt University Student Union, we know it's important that we all do what we can and make an effort to be more sustainable in the face of the Climate Crisis. The Union believes we must take a positive approach and encourage students and the University to help and support environmental practices such as reducing waste, recycling and good ethical practices. 


How to Get Involved

These groups cover various strands of sustainability that welcome all students to join in!


Christopher o'toole

Christopher is our Activities Coordinator. If you want to set up a sustainability based society, then get in touch on c.o'

Student-Led Groups

  • Sustainability Working Group
    This is a space to bring forward campaign and activism ideas that students are passionate about running. We discuss topics like making the switch to a more eco-friendly search engine, Ecosia, campaigning for 100% divestment in fossil fuel companies, pushing for plant-based alternatives on campus and many more. Get involved to create a positive change on campus!
  • Student Life Group 
    This parliament group is where anyone can bring forward ideas events and activities they would like to see run by the Union. If you feel like there should be more fundraising events or more volunteering opportunities on campus - this is the group for you. The SLG is a place to connect with other students who want to make an impact on what happens on Campus



Heriot-Watt Fossil Free Campaign

Click here to find out more about this campaign

15 Actions to Sustainable Eating

Click here to find out more about this campaign



Heriot-Watt University Student Union Community Larder Opening
7th November 10am - 5pm
HWUnion building
Heriot-Watt University Student Union Sustainability Week - Bake Sale
7th November 1pm - 3pm
The Bridge Link
Help the Ocean Conservation Society to support Love the Oceans by picking up some delicious baked goods!
Heriot-Watt University Student Union Sustainability Week - Keep-Cup Drive
8th November 9:30am - 10:30am
HWUnion building
Support Sustainability Week by coming by the Student Union building and picking up a FREE re-usable coffee cup!
NetZero Society Skills and Change for a Sustainable Future
9th November 1pm - 5pm
LT3 Edinburgh Campus and Teams
Talk from expert professors on sustainability, decarbonisation and career opportunities in the scientific field.
Heriot-Watt University Student Union Sustainability Week - Upcycling Workshop
10th November noon - 2pm
Zero, Student Union building
Make your own upcycled object choosing from scraps of fabrics and other materials provided by The Edinburgh Remakery. Each object can be transformed into a keyring, a Xmas tree decoration, a pin cushion, pendant or anything your mind can imagine!
Heriot-Watt University Student Union Sustainability Week - Nature Walk
10th November 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Campus
Join our mushroom and bird enthusiasts in Ocean Conservation Society and NetZero Society as they lead a walk exploring the amazing natural environment we have right here on campus!
Heriot-Watt University Student Union Sustainability Week - Repair Café
12th November noon - 3pm
HWUnion building
Repair Café Edinburgh comes to Heriot-Watt for Sustainability Week. Volunteers will be on hand to repair electrical, electronic and mechanical items such as toys, small electricals and laptops.


Our Policies

These are the policies that shape the Union and are a result of a clear mandate from the student population.


Key Contacts

Scott anderson

Hiya! My name is Scott, your Vice-President, and I take the lead on all things sustainable on campus. I chair the student-led Sustainability Working Group and also sit on the university’s Global Environmental Sustainability Group meeting to represent YOUR student voice. So, if you think there should be more campaigns or activism on campus, the Sustainability Working Group is the group for you! If you would also want a new policy on sustainability, then make sure to get in touch with me on It is long overdue that we take more tangible actions towards tackling climate change and this year, students and I are wanting to make that change. So, make sure to get involved and help us make a difference together!  

Pat Bulski

Hello, hello, hello! My name is Pat and I am the President of VegSoc this year. I am big on sustainability and learning about the impact we have on our planet. I believe that we as individuals have a lot of power through our choices and we should use it to show our leaders that we want change! As you might guess, my main area of interest is the impact of our diet on the climate but also our health and animal welfare. I believe that it is an often underestimated topic in the sustainability discussion and greater emphasis should be placed on changing our food system if we want to tackle climate change. If you’re interested in joining the society or having a conversation just drop me an e-mail or contact us on Instagram @hwvegsoc and remember to VOICE YOUR CHOICE.

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