Switch to the Ecosia search engine and plant trees with every search you make.

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Ecosia Campaign

The Student Union has made the switch to Ecosia, have U?

Ecosia is a free search engine that plants trees with every search you make.

Our environment needs trees and our students can help to reverse the worst effects of climate change for FREE. Tackling issues like reducing carbon footprint, fighting the palm oil industry, protecting endangered animal habitats, or even just giving lemurs somewhere to live is why it is important to switch to Ecosia. Unlike Google, Ecosia doesn't use any third-party tracking tools - ensuring the users privacy. It's non-profit and carbon neutral which aligns with Heriot-Watt's race to their net-zero target. 

Many universities like Edinburgh University, University of Glasgow, UCL and many more have already made the switch to Ecosia. Over 200,000 trees have already been financed by these university searches and with your help we'll be able to plant thousands more!

The Ecosia on Campus campaign is student-led, run by the Sustainability Working Group. With our campaign we can also provide students with a unique link created by Ecosia for Heriot-Watt University. Ecosia will then share monthly reports for us to be able to follow our university's progress i.e. how many trees we've collaboratively planted and our contribution to removing CO2 from the air.  

Here's Heriot-Watt's unique tracking link (ecosia.co/heriot-watt). Anyone that downloads the Ecosia extension through this link will start to add to our university's tree counter!

The Ecosia on Campus campaign strives to encourage students to make the first step into a positive sustainability change by switching to Ecosia as their default search engine which plant trees with every search they make.

Aims of Ecosia on Campus campaign: 

  • Encouraging students to download Ecosia on our unique tracking link.
  • Increase number of students using Ecosia on personal devices.
  • Spreading awareness on climate crisis through events/petitions etc.
  • Reach a significant number of students before approaching university to make the switch on all computers on campus.

We encourage anyone interested to sign and share this petition which will later be sent to the University to support our campaign.

To join the Sustainability Working Group and get involved with other campaigns on campus click the link here.

Follow us on Instagram to keep updated (@heriotwatt.on.ecosia), email us or message Shana, our VP Community.

To find out more about Shana's personal experience of the Ecosia campaign click here!

Make the switch today to help the university make the switch tomorrow!



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