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Zero° (Zero Degrees) is your on-campus events venue that hosts a little bit of everything!

You'll mainly recognise it as the home to most evening events during Freshers Week, but a whole range of events take place in "Zeros" throughout the year, from pub quizzes to the Brewing Society's annual Beer Festival.

Zeros has a killer sound system, full scale lighting rig and main stage - as well as it's own bar. This space literally turns its hand to everything and anything.

Take a look at our Whats On page to see events that are coming up, or if you're interested in booking the space to host your own event then please get in touch!

Why the name?

Zero° received it's name back in the early days when the Student Union first opened. History and myth has given numerous stories of the origins of the name Zero Degrees, but the two most likely are...

Zero° was the coolest place to be - so cool it was named after the freezing point in celcius (yeh we know, cringe!)

Our favourite, but not very Student Union-y, is that if you spend all your time at events in Zero° then you will end up with no / zero degree!

What's on?

Check out the events coming up in Zeros...

We can't find any events in Zeros at the moment - check back again soon to see what we have planned!

Where are we?

We are located within the Student Union building on campus, across the bridge from the GRID building next to Leonard Horner Halls - you can't miss us!


  • JWC Reception: 2 minutes
  • Hugh Nisbett Building: 3 minutes
  • Library: 6 minutes
  • Halls: 11 minutes


Heriot-Watt University Student Union
EH14 4AS