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The Geocaching society will regularly meet up to go look for geocaches in many different locations, create our own geocaches for other app users to find, and have various meet-ups throughout the year!

Geocaching is an outdoor activity where you use GPS and the Geocaching app on your mobile phone to search for containers (caches) hidden by other users, and marked on the app using coordinates. These caches will usually contain a logbook and pencil, to let others know you have found it, and larger caches may contain small prizes which can be swapped for later users to find at a later date. It is important that you place the container back exactly where you find it, to ensure that non-geocachers ('muggles') do not stumble upon the container accidentally. 

For more information about Geocaching, visit the official website: 

This society will go out looking for some of these geocaches at various locations nearby (and possibly further afield!), create our own caches for other app users to find, and meet-up regularly to relax and have time to forget about the hard work of university! 

If you are interested in signing up, please register your interest and email me ( so that I can set up a group contact on Whatsapp or elsewhere!

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