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Have you ever heard of: Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Machine Learning and Big Data? If you have and you’re wondering who’s behind it all, it’s Data Scientists!

Join us at the Virtual Freshers Fair by clicking this link: Data Science Society's Online Stall

Data Scientists use data, technology and mathematics combined to help individuals make decisions, in any field that uses data. By hosting hackathons, student conferences, programming classes and more, our society aims to promote data science by giving you practical opportunities to show the skills and knowledge this profession demands. In addition, we hope to help our members increase their employability, giving you something to brag about during those all-important job interviews. Don’t worry though, we’re not just all work and no play! We’re also planning to host socials so you can let your hair down and explore beautiful Edinburgh too. So if you keen to hear more about the society send us an email at

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