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Read about our trip to Antwerp to play in the PCU Chess Cup.

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Antwerp Trip

At the end of November we headed to the PCU International University Chess Cup, a intra-university chess competition hosted in Antwerp by the Panathlon Clubs of Universities.

The main competition took place over the weekend, with an opening ceremony and some friendly blitz games on Friday evening, with five rounds of 'rapid' games on Saturday and two final rounds on Sunday, played with the time control 25+10 (each player starts the game with 25 minutes on the clock and 10 seconds are added every move). Following the closing ceremony we visited the MAS museum, and had a great time! 

Please see below for some annotated games and photos from the competition, thank you to the PCU Committee not only for organising the event and inviting us, but for allowing us to use their photos for this article, all photo credit goes to them.

The games should work on both mobile and PC, but we'd recommend you view them on a computer as they will be easier to navigate and the comments clearer to read.



Comments provided by Adam Dewar.


Peter (Left)

Comments provided by Yukan Perumal.


Comments provided by Adam Dewar.

We finished with a team score of 18.5/35 and were really pleased with the way we played, and most importantly, we had great fun, you can find out more about the PCU Chess Cup and see the full results on their website.

If you'd like to see more of the trip, make sure to check out our Instagram, where we have a post and highlights real of the stories we posted over the weekend. If you'd like to get involved with chess, whatever your level, make sure you sign up for a free membership and we'll keep you up to date!

We'd like to give our thanks to the Heriot-Watt Annual Fund and Student Union for providing funding to help with part of the cost of this trip via the Societies Development Fund.


Adam Dewar
5:40pm on 14 Dec 22 Thanks James! We had a good time!
Jimmy Hunt
1:20pm on 11 Dec 22 Wow, looks like it was great fun! Some good games too!
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