Airsoft and Paintball Society

Heriot-Watt Airsoft and Paintball society, sign up today and join us in having a bit of fun! What's a better release from university work that blasting your friends or classmates!


We're a newly set up society with one main goal: having a bit of a laugh while blasting people with high velocity paint or bits of plastic.

We know how difficult it is to set up a game and organising players, and how expensive it can end up getting. That's why we exist, to make the whole experience as smooth and fun as possible.

We've only just set up recently, but as soon as we can, we aim to

  • Organise our own games and/or help you organise them for yourselves
  • Negoitate with firms, and try to reduce prices to make playing much more affordable.

We'll be setting up as fast as we can, and we should have updates in spring time! In the meantime, please sign up for free, and please email us any questions or feedback you might have to


Logo credit to James Knight

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As a member of the Airsoft and Paintball Society, you have the opportunity to play Paintball at Delta Force Paintball.

The society do not collect data to share with Delta Force but if you register to play at their site, they will ask to collect the following data:

Supporter: Delta Force Paintball
Purpose: Registration to play at premises
Address: Haggs Road Wood Burnwynd, Edinburgh, EH27 8ED
Data Collected: Name, phone number, email address, age, address (postcode)

To see how they use your data, visit