What to expect from the elections?

A guide to elections for voters!

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What to expect from now

Later this week, we'll be announcing who the candidates are, along with their manifestos. Keep your eyes peeled!


Their manifestos show what matters most to the candidates, what they would prioritise if they're elected and what skills they would bring to the team. It’s important for you, as a voter, to read over their points and work out who would be best for the position.

Not convinced by their manifesto? Don’t worry, the candidates will be out and about on campus so you'll have the chance to chat to the potential candidates and get a good feel of what they are like as a person.


From on social media to in front of the shop, there’s plenty of opportunities to get to know the candidates!


Candidate Question Time

This livestreamed event marks the start of voting week, and the beginning of the end for the candidates. It kicks off at 5.30pm and you can provide the candidates your toughest and fiercest questions to really grill them on what is important to you. This is their last chance to really get their point across against other candidates. You can submit your potential questions now, now, now! We'll need questions in by 10am on Monday 13th March! 

Voting Week

After Candidate Question Time is over… Voting starts!

You will vote for your preferred candidates for each of the different positions by ranking them.

First time voting or need a refresher? The our handy Guide to Voting is exactly what you need!

Psst, remember you can always vote to Re-Open Nominations too if you don't think any of the candidates are up to scratch!


Events at the Student Union

Yes, Voting Week is really important for us, but that doesn't mean it can't also be a whole load of fun!

We've brought a couple of fan favourites back to mark one of the best weeks of the year.


On Tuesday, we have our Vintage Clothing Sale back. We want you to be as stylish as possible when voting!

On Wednesday, we've pulled out ALL THE STOPS to get the Alpacas back for voting week. Come and pet our furry friends, relieve some stress, and then vote!


The voting window slams SHUT on Friday at 12pm!

Once the ballots are in and all the votes are counted, we will announce the winners that you have chosen. Democracy? Brilliant eh!


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