VPE Semester One highlights

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Community larder 

With support from the rest of the FTO team, we opened a community larder in late October. We have gained a partnership with Sainsburys in Currie, so once a week they provide bakery items (mainly loaves of bread), the rest of the stock is ordered through the student shop. So far, we have provided over 1000 items, which could have been used to make roughly 1500 meals for students who otherwise would struggle to afford to eat.  

Exam feedback  

As I sit on a lot of university committees, I was able to form good connections with various university staff. Through these connections, I was provided support and backing when coming to the committee to gain feedback on exams and final assignments. This was passed through committees and now non-final year students will be provided feedback where they previously wouldn’t. 

Lecture recordings  

Through help from the school officers and MPs, I was able to push the university to provide lecture recordings, where they previously wouldn’t. This is an ongoing process as I am aware that recordings aren’t provided for every lecture, but this hasn’t slipped off my radar and I will continue to work on it during next semester. 


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