Fto Update: February

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The second month of the second semester has went by in seconds... See what we did there?

You can read all about our fun, fab Feb below:

  • Cost of Living- We were a guest speaker at NUS’s launch of their cost-of-surivial-report produced from their Big £££ survey. This involved appealing to MSP’s, University and college Execs and NUS members to protect and increase the cost-of-living support provided by students.
  • More Cost of Living- We represented students on a national fair pay review of the hospitality sector.
  • Giving students the best resources possible- We continued work in the Academic Integrity space to improve and refine policies, guides and resources given to students.
  • Supprting you academically- Held Academic Congress which was really well attended by students.
  • Lecture recordings- Working to create a new lecture recording policy in partnership with the university 
  • Improving uni services- Sat on the panel for the professional service review, which gave recommendations for improvements to University services such as the personal tutoring scheme
  • Financial Literacy Workshops – Earlier in the academic year, funding was secured for financial literacy workshops. We have now booked in two workshops with the Money Charity, both of which can be found on our What’s On page. We will also look to using the funding to include 1-3 finance workshops on ‘Living Independently at Uni’ in September inductions! 
  • Global Day – Global day was a resounding success with 250 students attending and getting to showcase their culture, whilst experiencing other students’ culture and connecting with one another. We can’t wait to hold similar events in the future. 
  • LGBT+ History Month - During Consolidation Week, a fun-filled Kabaret Kweer drag night combined with our usual Open Mic (hosted by Kafe Kweer and Music Society) and an informative but light-hearted Pub Quiz drew around 60 students overall, with everyone getting their hands on great freebies and enjoying some great entertainment. 

You can contact us at Union.president@hw.ac.uk, Union.VPEducation@hw.ac.uk or Union.VPWellbeing@hw.ac.uk


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