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Academic Congress

We held Academic Congress on Wednesday the 8th of February; it was a really successful event. Thank you so much to everyone who came! Lots of interesting conversations took place around the topics of Change Week, strikes, the personal tutor review, and the possible implementation of an extension policy.  

Change Week

From the discussion about change week, more information was gained about student's survey habits.  

Everyone who attended took turns discussing each topic in 20-minute slots. Everyone was really engaged and lots of good feedback was gained for all of the topics!  


Any feedback from the event will be passed on to the relevant teams and will be used to further the discussions and change the way these projects move forward. Your voice matters and due to the discussions in academic congress I will be able to shape an extension policy that fits students at Heriot Watt. 

Get involved!

If this sounds interesting and you want to be involved in the conversation, come along to our AGM on Thursday 16th at 6pm! Click here to find out more and sign up!

Want to make a bigger impact? Why not apply for VP Education in the upcoming Student Union Elections! Help make these changes in your daily work! Click here to find out more and apply for the role!


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