2 Things we love about the Geordies drinks menu

2 days to go to Freshers, 2 of the best things about our drinks menu

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Geordies is your local pub away from your local pub. We have food, Plasma TVs, pool and of course delicious drinks!

Here are two of our best picks for those new to the campus:

1. Our wide selection of local-ish lager. If you’re not from Scotland there is no better way to be indoctrinated into Scottish culture and cuisine quite like an ice, cold Tennents. The nations favourite lager is a great entry point into local-ish beers (If you count Glasgow as local ??‍??). But why stop there? We have two taps of Edinburgh Beer Factory lager- including Palozzi. We have Innis & Gunn who were Edinburgh based, currently Perth based, but soon to be Edinburgh based again and also Stewart brewing who are out in Loanhead.

2. We also have a new (and improved ??) cocktail range on offer for everyone. We have all your classics such as long island iced teas and Cuddles on the beach. We also have Heriot-Watt specialised drinks such as The tipsy cow (White Russian) and The Loch (Blue lagoon).

We have a drink for everyone, as well as an ever-changing menu so you will always be served something fresh at Geordies ??


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